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Adding Value First And Finding Your Passion

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Affiliate marketing can be tricky business, adding value in your marketing plan and having fun will get you surprising results.

To make my point I'd like to tell a story about an associate of mine who is involved with an energy drink affiliate program. This guy loves working out, he's a modern day version of Jack LaLanne. Anyway, he calls me and it was apparent from the get go that this guy knew nothing other than sell, sell, sell. He is so excited about the energy drink - his passion was addictive. He told me how he loves working out and about the improved energy that he feels from using the product. He is a walking neon sign.

The thing is: Nobody Cares. His family had heard enough pitches from him and had no interest, his friends were starting to avoid him because he was driving them crazy and even his co workers would ditch the water cooler when they saw him coming. To top it off he hadn't made any money in close to a year. But he was determined. Passionate.

So he calls wanting to know what he's doing wrong and how I can help. I asked him; "If it was a perfect world and you had no worries what would be your ideal life?" He responded "I'd work out daily, probably own a state of the art gym, and teach other people how to work out and eat right."

BINGO! I told him to get a decent video camera and a friend, go to the gym and create a video that teaches people how to work out. Then submit it to YouTube with some good keywords and add the link to his blog.

Well, the phone went silent so I knew he thought I was nuts. Then he asked how is that adding value and making me money?

When teaching other people how to improve their lives they start to trust you and want to know more about you. They tell their friends about you and they talk about you in the social networks which suddenly gets you noticed virally.

He was a doubter but figured what the heck nothing else has been working so he gave it a shot. With a little help on the keywords from his new found mentor his video moved into page 1 on Google within a three month span and now he has thousands of followers from all over the world wanting to get into the kind of shape that he is in.

He soon realized the power of adding value and now is affiliated with several different companies promoting everything from exercise equipment to healthy recipe books. He has effectively created multiple streams of income which supplements his primary energy drink business.

You see, anything can happen by adding value first and finding your passion.

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Success has a simple formula: do your best, and people may like it. Sam Ewing

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