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Marketing Techniques Table Of Contents

Affiliate Marketing Products

The Renegade System has already done the grunt work when it comes to the affiliate marketing products that you are going to sign up for. They have created a simple easy to use program for storing your unique code so when your customers find a product in the back office that will be useful you will earn a commission.

The affiliate marketing products that the system offers are reputable, respected. and trusted programs related to business. There are well over 40 programs so its highly unlikely that you will need them all, but I'm sure you will find a handful that will benefit your business.

The idea here is to sign up for as many, if not all, of the affiliate marketing products because what you may not need for your business; one of your downline members may need for theirs. By not becoming an affiliate is a missed opportunity. Plus you may find a lot of these products will work well in your content as you write articles adding more value for your visitors.

A word of caution though; if you don't create your own method of keeping track of the affiliate marketing products you will be making more work for yourself and you'll have no way of knowing whats hot and whats not.

This was my first mistake and it took me more time to track down my affiliate marketing products and codes than it did when I signed up for the programs. The Renegade System only tracks products created by the Renegade Network Marketer.

Heres my advice: Create a document and name it:

RNM Affiliate Marketing Products
  • Program Name
  • URL of affiliate page
  • user name
  • password
  • text link embedded with your code

The minute that you spend now doing this will save you hours later.

Two Tiered Programs

Whenever you find a good two tiered affiliate marketing product to promote you've got a winner. If you aren't familiar with how a two tiered program works it basically pays you a commission on your sales and also a smaller commission on sales made by members who have joined to be an affiliate through your link.

Wordtracker doesn't need any special introduction. Its simply the best keyword research tool on the planet. Some say its a little pricey but whats the cost of getting targeted traffic to your business or opportunity. Plus they have a free trial and a free keyword tool.

Article Marketer is an affordable article distribution service with over 3500 registered publishers eagerly waiting to publish your article on their website or blog. Plus your articles are distributed to new publishers who sign up with their service. All articles are read by Article Marketer coaches following a 150 point review giving your article the best chance of being selected by publishers. Unlimited article submission, submit multiple articles at a time, lifetime membership, article marketing educational material, and a whole lot more.

Site Build It is my personal favorite. I first heard about SBI from the Renegade System and without a doubt it is the best business decision that I've ever made. SBI's affiliate marketing products and program have over 70 landing pages for any target market but its their site building knowledge that is most impressive. You will build your own website following their famous C-T-P-M process and join over 60% of other SBI sites that rank in the top 3% of all websites. Their search engine optimization is second to none partly because wordtracker is part of their keyword research software and SBI costs less than a dollar a day.

Allow me to elaborate for one moment on Site Build It. Having your own website enables you to have so many more advertising opportunities. Your online business starts with content followed closely by traffic. So how do you get traffic? How do you get your website ranked in the first 3 pages of the search engine results pages?

Brainstorm It and Analyze It thats how. Brainstorm It will do vertical and lateral searches based on your seed word giving you hundereds of profitable (high demand – low supply) keywords on which you will write content. Analyze It will tell you exactly what needs to be fixed within your content to get your page ranked highly. Once you pass the analyze It test your good to go.

This blog is not an SBI site but I use the brainstorm It and Analyze it tool to optimize my pages. You could spend a fortune for these kinds of tools but they are all included. Case in point: The page titled “Brainstorming A Profitable Website Concept” got found on page 1 sixth listing for the search term “what is a site concept keyword” the thing is the competition for that keyword was 19,000,000. Thats a lot of competition. So for fun I did a search for “site concept keyword” and are you ready for this? Page 1, the 10th listing and the competition was 208,000,000. Now had I done a traditional method of researching that keyword phrase and seen this kind of competition I never would have written that article.

I recently found an interview with Ann Sieg ( The Renegade Network Marketer) and Ken Evoy ( Site Build It) that you may want to listen to you can get here.

Oh, and one last thing. I knew nothing, nada, zip about building a website and writing for the internet. SBI is simply the best and there is so much more thats all included for $299.00/yr. Thats less than wordtracker charges just for keyword research and wordtracker is part of SBI.

Aweber- Email marketing is a must for building quality relationships with your customers and opt in lists. Aweber does an outstanding job at seeing that your emails make it into the inbox rather than the junk folder. Plus newsletters, autoresponders, analytics, sign up forms and more. You can take them for a test drive for only $1.00.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Products

The Clickbank affiliate marketing products in the renegade system are the easiest ones to upload. All you have to do is apply for an account and input the nickname that you choose into the back-end affiliate URL section for Clickbank. Once you are a member you are automatically approved for all products in their data base including those in the renegade system.

Clickbank has a reports section that will show you how many impressions, clicks, and sales that your links have received. You can also filter the reports in which ever way you choose such as: by day, by week, by month, and by date range. They recently changed their web page so in order to check your stats you need to click reports and then click analytics. You'll notice a section called by tracking ID. I've mentioned the importance of tracking in previous tutorials and you need to track your campaigns. So here's how to set up tracking for your links.

When you create a hop, clickbanks term for a link, you have the option of having it encrypted and adding a tracking code (TID). Your code can be up to 24 digits using numbers and letters. If you forgot to add a TID to your link not to worry it can be done manually. All you need to add is ?tid=yourtrackingcode to the end of the link. Its that simple. Now you want to make sure that the link is working right and you get credit for the sale.
  1. Highlight your hoplink and enter it into the address bar
  2. click enter
  3. click the buy now button on your vendors website
  4. scroll to the bottom of the page and look for [affiliate=yournickname]
  5. if its there you are good to go

Below are a few affiliate marketing products from Clickbank that are stored in the renegade system.

Turn Words Into Traffic
Blogging To The Bank
Keyword Elite
Directory Of Ezines

Commission Junction Affiliate Marketing Products

Commission Junction is another huge warehouse full of affiliate marketing programs. The difference between Commission Junction and Clickbank is you have to apply for each program separately. You will also have to upload your affiliate URL into the renegade system individually. There is a tutorial in the back-end URL section for each program that you must read.

Yahoo Search Marketing! Sponsored Search. Sign up and get a $25 credit. - Yahoo loves content. This is worth looking into if nothing else but to utilize the $25.00 credit.

GoToMeeting - is a great way to train your downline. You can have a meeting with up to 10 people who can see your computer screen.

GoToWebinar - Similar to Go To Meeting except you can connect with up to 1000 people. If you have a growing downline or perhaps already have a large network this is an invaluable tool.

GoDaddy - I use GoDaddy and have been quite satisfied with their service. Having your own domain name is critical to presenting yourself as a professional. Plus you can't beat the price. Doesn't look better than

Single Tiered Affiliate Marketing Programs

It took me a while to find all the programs that are in the back office. The Resources and Training section is where you will find them. You'll need to hunt around the different sections but you will be affiliated with all of these programs when you sign up for everything in the back-end. Single tiered affiliate marketing products will pay you commissions on sales that you generate but they don't offer an affiliate referral program. Here are a few of the programs that you can find.

Perry Marshall – The Definitive Guide To Google Adwords Perry Marshall is becoming a household name in the adwords circles. If you ever consider PPC advertising you need to listen to this guy he's very good.

1 Shopping Cart has autoresponders which don't require a double opt in which is nice, ebook delivery, surveys, questionnaires, and their prices are reasonable. So if your targeted market could use a shopping cart this is a great alternative.

The affiliate marketing programs in the back office are just one way that you are going to earn passive income while you concentrate on your main business model. You will find that quite a few of these programs will work nicely into your free web site content as you start building a web presence. You don't want to throw all your eggs in one basket; by creating multiple streams of income your business will thrive. So go back to the renegade system and start signing up right now!

Be patient; the time you invest now will reap rewards in due time.
The Renegade Network Marketer.

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