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Analyzing SYNND Results And Organizing Your Campaigns

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analyzing synndNext to writing great content for syndication analyzing SYNND results is a close second. If you've been following along with the SYNDD posts you'll already know how SYNND works and how to submit your content. In case you need a refresher you earn credits by syndicating other members content and they do the same for you which costs you a credit.

The SYNND Best Practices Guide states that in order to get SEO benefit 10-20 buzzes on each bookmarking account is sufficient. Simple math tells you to multiply the number of bookmarking accounts by 10 or 20 whichever you choose and set the result as your maximum buzz count.

I have found that most members when earning credits will bookmark your content on all of their accounts at once. So if you set your daily max at 21 and there are 7 bookmarking accounts in SYNND then you are using up 3 individual accounts per day. In a matter of 4 days your campaign will have run its course. Patience is good for SEO so keep your buzz count within your credit means.

The interface makes it easy to analyze SYNDD results for how many buzzes it has received overall and you can also see the user name of who syndicated your content. I like to know the frequency of buzzes and the number of buzzes on a daily basis. This information is useful for analyzing SYNND results and deciding on whether to continue with the campaign or even extend the campaign.

analyzing results
The easiest way of doing this is to set a time of day to record the results and compare them to previous days. Campaigns that are in the early stages are of less importance. You want to know how your content is holding up near the tail end of the campaign.

The real SYNND results will be found in your blog or websites referrer page and in the search engines. Your referrer page will have a ton of hits from the bookmarking sites within SYNND and the corresponding page that was bookmarked – thats a given. When you start to see traffic thats from paused or deleted campaigns in your referrer page and traffic from outside of SYNDD then your campaign is successfully optimized.

Organizing and tracking your SYNND results from the beginning will save you time and effort in the long run. Voting campaigns can easily be run as bookmarking campaigns and also run in several different voting networks. Imagine one article going through 11 or 12 different social sites. My recommendation is to set up a spreadsheet for tracking, analyzing SYNND results, and organizing networks that have been used for each campaign. Make an honest assessment of the results in your spreadsheet for further reference.

synnd spreadsheet
SYNND is first and foremost about SEO; the leads and customers will come from your contents high rankings in the search engines. Although you can and probably will have a slight increase in opt ins while syndicating your content the real results will come with patience. I did notice an increase when I first started using SYNND which was from other SYNND members. So it can happen sooner rather than later.

If your intent for becoming a member of SYNND is solely to make quick sales save yourself the time and don't sign up. However, if you want to have your business ranked highly in the search engines and spend minimal time on SEO; SYNND is a great choice.

When you become a member of my SYNND team you will learn insider tricks and strategies that is only available to private members.

  • Hottest hours of the day to manually run tasks
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  • And more

Claim your 14 day trial for $1.00 and start analyzing SYNND results by following the recommendations on this post.

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