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Free Article Marketing Secrets Are Not Secrets At All. They Are Article Marketing Techniques

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article marketing secretsAre there any free article marketing secrets online? Article marketing is such a powerful method of broadcasting your content and getting back links to your website or blog. So why would anyone give away free article marketing knowledge when charging for the information surely would generate sales. The main reason for this is its not a secret at all. What is a secret? A secret is confidential knowledge or information that is shared only with a select few. So free article marketing secrets really are article marketing techniques.


Before we move on lets explore the article directories for a minute. The top free article marketing directories have excellent page rankings with the search engines for the simple fact that they provide free information. And tons of it. Where does their content come from? You, me, and anyone else looking for back links and targeted traffic to their business or opportunity. The article directories aren't in business for anyone but themselves.

How do they make money? Google ads and premier accounts that get your articles submitted quickly, which costs you money. Search engines love free information, content and relative links which explains why they have such great page ranks. Some of the best kept article marketing secrets are the directories themselves.


Why do you suppose they have submission guidelines? Why do they have limits on word count? Why are your articles listed highly in the search engine results page? Because the article directories know search engine optimization. This is a very good thing for you and me. As far as I'm concerned let the directories make all the money they want as long as my articles are listed on the first or second page of the search results page I'm happy.


Lets move on to other article marketing secrets that will help not only with your search results but also with your article marketing campaigns. Since the article directories do all the SEO work for you write an article related to one of your pages on your website or blog. The article directory will find you targeted traffic that is interested in what you have to say. Then be sure to include a URL in the resource box linking to a specific page related to that article. If your website doesn't have a page related to that article then link to your blog.


Your resource box is your bread and butter and can be altered for each article that you write. Actually it should be altered for each article that you write. Since you can have more than one link in the resource box be sure to utilize this as long as it is targeted to the article.


For instance you can link to your website, blog, and any other content that you have online. If you have a squidoo lens related to your article by all means link to it. Not only for the benefit of your reader but for the inbound link to your lens.


I've got a few more article marketing secrets up my sleeve and since I feel generous lets look at the text editor that you use. For the purposes of spell check it is recommended to use a good text editor when writing your articles. But, and this is a secret that you may have never heard before, be sure to copy your article to plain text before submitting it to the directories. You see, most word processors have formating that you don't see. Just look at the tool bar and if you see formatting then your text editor has it. Formatting leaves codes that you don't see and when you submit your article these codes are visible to the search engines and can have an adverse effect on your article results. So be sure to use a plain text editor before submitting the article.




I've shown you a few article marketing secrets that will help get your articles listed highly in the search results but what happens if your at a loss for what to write about. Well if you already have content submitted you can always go back into the statistics page of the article directory that you use and find all kinds of hidden secrets.


This is one of my favorite ways of finding new profitable keywords in which to create content. When looking at the stats see which search queries found any one of your articles. I realize that these queries were used to find an article that was already written. Doesn't matter. Write another article similar yet different using one of the search terms.


Think about this: Lets say you have 10 articles all with 3 different search queries. Thats 30 more articles waiting for you to write. Whats even better is if you've already received decent traffic from the original article you surely will be seen more often. And thats what its all about. Positioning yourself as an expert. The more times people see your content the more they realize that you are an expert in your niche and they want to hear what you have to say.


Now that you know what to write about the only thing left is to make your words sell. Over the years I can't count how many e-books I've read on the subject. I honestly in all fairness will only recommend two resources. The first resource will require an action on your part but it won't cost you a dime. Enroll in the Renegade University and when the time is right you can upgrade to the Renegade Network Professional subscription site. The best e-book I've ever read is called Make Your Words Sell and it is also free.


If you found my article marketing secrets useful you may want to take your article marketing campaign to a new level. Try article marketing submission software, you will be seen and heard more frequently which will lead to more customers and prospects.

Success has a simple formula: do your best, and people may like it. Sam Ewing

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