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Attraction Marketing Professional

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You've found the attraction marketing strategy resource section. Learn from an attraction marketing professional. How many times have you been lured into making a purchase that never delivers what was promised? Too many I'm sure. If you're anything like me you were probably pretty ticked off about it too. Then trying to get your hard earned money back is like pulling teeth. Well, don't feel badly cause we've all been there and done that.


Sometimes in the course of doing business we need to get more education find better tools and keep up on the changing trends in network marketing. Fortunately an attraction marketing professional is here to help and guide you in the right direction without the false promises.


This attraction marketing professional has decided to start you off with a real education. I'm talking about going back to school and getting an education right now. Do you know what the missing link is in the network marketing world? Well, I'm going to tell you. Its lacking training, coaching, mentoring , and support.


I don't have to tell you that 97% of the people who start an online business fail. You already know that. Why do they fail, that is the real question. Well the answer is they were never taught the process in the first place and they had no support.


So whats the solution? Go back to school ! You did know there is no such thing as get rich quick, right? You do know that building any business takes time too, right? As long as you know that and you are motivated your chances of success are greatly improved.


If you are serious about having a work from home business and being a network marketer you owe it to yourself to consider going back to school. Whats the cost for a year of college these days? Thirty,thirty-five grand? And then you have to buy books? Whats the average cost of a text book these days? Hundred bucks? Wow! Don't get me wrong a College education is a good thing. But what does that thirty grand get you after your first year. A foundation on which to build your next three years from?


Okay, I think you know where I'm going here! How about this. For a fraction of the cost you can graduate not with a degree but with a business that is established and has a solid foundation.


Attraction Marketing Professional E-Learning


Its a well known fact that this attraction marketing professional openly endorses Dr. Ken Evoys Site Build It as the DIY website design, hosting , and marketing system of choice. You see, most web designers don't understand internet marketing, or even how to build successful websites. Their main concern is a site that looks great and functions properly. They care about things that matter to them, not you.


Not so with SBI. Site Build It in itself is e-learning. So why does this attraction marketing professional really endorse SBI? Training, coaching, and support are darn good reasons but thats not all. SEO, Wordtrackers built in keyword research tool, Site design, site concept research, analyze it tool, monetizing module, value exchange, linking strategies, you get the picture.


Every single piece of content that this attraction marketing professional creates gets run through the analyze it tool to be sure it is optimized and keyword rich. Guess what! The content gets listed in the search engines for that specific keyword within the first 2 pages. Now thats a powerful tool!


So what does this all have to do with e-learning and going back to school. Well these guys at SBI are always coming up with something new to be a step ahead of the competition. They'll teach you that too.

Did you know SBI is taught at over 40 Colleges and Universities; The Citadel, University Of Arizona, and Penn State to name a few. Now they have a 12 week online course so you too can get an education and build a profitable website for your opportunity, product, or service in the comforts of your own home and on your schedule.


We're not talking about virtual professors here . We are talking about real human beings who are experienced SBI webmasters. Attraction marketing professional e-learning gets rid of the boring textbooks and notes, leaving you with the core "how to" that most business people wish they knew. Learn how to organize your entrepreneurial ideas into a concrete online business; plan ahead for income streams that supplement your main business idea.


SBI! eLearning


With SBI classroom online you'll do in depth keyword research that matches your passion with a proven demand. You'll get direct access to successful, experienced SBI! site owners. Minimize your business expenses while adding to your bank account. While it may sound like "school," the course is all about you.


It focuses on your success, enabling you to share your knowledge/passions with other like-minded individuals and get paid along the way. You'll learn how to write in a way that builds relationships, creates community and pulls in Search Engines. You'll have access to a special Alumni Relations Group on LinkedIn. Networking with classmates and other SBI! eLearning alumni will become invaluable.


The Alumni group helps you take what you've learned and continue to follow through on building your business. Busy schedule? Try SBI!. Your own time. Your own home.


You'll have access to interactive videos quizzes, live sessions, and exclusive resources. SBI! provides a step-by-step guide to building your e-business including checklists, videos, reviews and more. SBI! eLearning is much more than learning about the Web, "putting up a site," or earning a diploma. You will graduate with a real business and a clear roadmap to grow it as large and as profitable as you want. All from the comfort of your home.



Romancing The Sale eBook

Romancing The Sale by Barbara Silva is a fresh and often humorous approach to the sales process from attracting qualified prospects to making first contact all the way to educating your prospects on solving their problem. You will learn how to build and maintain a profitable online business with a focus on customer relationships and how to take action. I particularity like the way she compares the relationship process with the dating process, thus the title of her book.



How I Built My First List

How I Built My First List an online course by Mike Klingler. Have you heard of this guy Mike Klingler? His name keeps popping up on the internet in network marketing circles. Mike had been in the network marketing business for 14 years using the “old school” methods of attracting prospects. You know; circle of influence, cold calling, 30 foot rule. He was really quite successful too. Which puts him in the category of the 3% that actually make it. But he was obsessed and working his tail off. He first heard of this thing called attraction marketing in 2006 and it wasn't until a year later that he finally “got it”. Thats when Mike managed to build a list of over a thousand like minded prospects in a matter of 3 days. This e-course is for anyone who wants to build an online business but doesn't know where to start. Or perhaps you already have an online business and want to learn the hidden list building secrets that most marketers overlook. Mike is a natural teacher and coach you owe it to yourself to enroll in this e-course and start building a list for yourself. Mike is a true attraction marketing professional.



Make Your Site Sell



Make Your Site Sell has been dubbed the “bible of selling on the net” ever since its first launch in 1999. The present edition came out in 2002 . MYSS originally sold over 100,000 copies through

Sitesells website which is the “mother ship” for SBI. Today it is a free download and you don't even have to give up your e-mail address. You will learn how to overcome the technical barriers of building a successful online business through a day by day step by step process with all the tools necessary to execute.


We've covered quite a bit here but your attraction marketing professional has something else up his sleeve. Do you really want to get in on the action? Better yet; you need to get in on the action. There's nothing like an education but sometimes the tuition isn't doable. So whats the next step.


Well maybe first you need to know why most network marketers fail to generate leads online. Thats a good place to start. Once you know the why it makes it much easier to learn the “how to”. Don't you agree? This free download is called, appropriately, The Attraction Marketers Manifesto. You will find this to be a good read and quite informative. This is the beginning of your journey into the world of being an attraction marketing professional.


So where is this all going to lead to? In a nut shell, branding yourself and your business using social networks, e-zine articles, Youtube, blogging, bookmarking sites, creating multiple streams of income, squidoo lenses, hub pages, and more. Thats a pretty big nut. How about this! What if this attraction marketing professional showed you how to build a list of targeted prospects and get paid for your advertising efforts? What would you say to that? Get out a town!


Seriously, lets say you're a network marketer or would like to become a network marketer. Have you ever tried the above mentioned venues? Do you know how to properly use the above mentioned venues? Finally what one word stands out when you look at the above mentioned venues? Content.


Okay, we're getting ready to wrap this up. What action steps should you take next? Getting in on the most sought after training tutorial program on the internet is a matter of timing. Click on the Renegade Network Professional link to see if they are taking on new students. If not; be sure to get on the waiting list. This is a monthly paid tutorial training program.

One final note: This system is not only for network marketers who are involved with an MLM business. These techniques can be used for any product or service that operates a business on the internet.


Are you still here? Oh you must be waiting for the free gift. Well I've got one last special offering. You can get into the University absolutely free and start your training today, right now. This is where it all begins so you might as well get a jump on your training. When you finally do join The Renegade Network Marketer Professional you'll already be ahead of the curve.



Make Your Words Sell

Here's the free gift that was promised by your Attraction Marketing Professional. Make Your Words Sell. Enjoy the ride, get yourself branded as an attraction network marketer and build a profitable online business today.

Success has a simple formula: do your best, and people may like it. Sam Ewing

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