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The Best Affiliate Marketing Plan - Get Lifetime Commissions And Earn Residual Income With This Two Tier Program

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The best affiliate marketing plan and most generous commission structure that I have ever seen is hands down the 5th Pillar club from Site Build It! If you have a website or blog and are looking for new additional sources of income this one is rock solid.

How are affiliate programs rated? Product line quality? Earning potential? User appreciation? Popularity? Or all of the above?
How many affiliate programs can brag about having all these qualities? Site Build It can. SBI is the foremost all-in-one web building package of tools that over-delivers on its pledge. As a matter of fact, SBI is the best selling online business building software on the market today for small business owners. Site Build It leaves no rock unturned. All you have to bring to the table is your BAM ( brains and motivation). Over 70 modules from its world famous and recently upgraded Brainstorm It (wordtracker included) to monetization headquarters including a content building module. No software package on the market delivers what SBI does for one low price.
With over 40,000 websites built and counting since the late 1990's using their famous C-T-P-M business model.

Dr. Ken Evoy's Site Build It

SBI continues to be the software of choice for thousands of small businesses worldwide. Their 5 Pillar affiliate program follows the exact same C-T-P-M model which has some affiliates earning in excess of $10,000.00/month.


I openly promote Site Build It! Also known as SBI because I own an SBI site myself. I have learned through my attraction marketing 5th Pillar training that building credibility and trust is best accomplished by being unbiased and more importantly knowing your product that you promote. In order to be a 5th Pillar club member all you have to do is sign up. You do not need to own an SBI site. So you can see the best affiliate marketing plan would be to own an SBI site so your promotional efforts would be more natural. I have four very good reasons why this is the best affiliate marketing plan on the planet.

  • 1.Your referrals are lifetime customers so you will continue to earn residual commissions when they renew their yearly membership.

  • 2. The 5th Pillar club is a two-tier affiliate program. What this means is you will also earn commissions from sales made by affiliates you have referred. Such as: Site BuildIt, Content 2.0, Site Sell Services, e-learning classes, etc.

  • 3. SBI has a great tracking system that is in real time meaning you know immediately if you've made any sales. You can even set it up to have them e-mail you whenever a sale is made.

  • 4. SBI has the best affiliate marketing plan support system. You get the 5th Pillar Club newsletter with updates and recent marketing tools that have been added to make your marketing efforts easier. Tracking tools so you can track campaigns and see what is or is not working. The best members only forum. SBIers are like a fraternity. They all want to help each other. Over 70 landing pages for specific target markets, and more.

SBI relies on their members and affiliates for promoting the company so they are serious about helping their affiliates have success. Site Build It! Doesn't only have the best affiliate marketing plan but they back it up with valuable service that truly works for those who learn the process which starts with pre-selling. These guys know pre-selling better than anyone else I've ever seen. I actually started as a 5th Pillar Club member and proudly recommend Site Build It! to my closest friends. Who wants to jeopardize their friendships by promoting a lousy product.

Watch the 5th Pillar Video Tour.

I only wish SBI handled its new members the same way they do the 5th Pillar Club members. When someone joins the affiliate program you get their name and e-mail address. This allows you to build a relationship with your referral and help them succeed. You want them to succeed because they are your lifetime customers and don't forget the 2nd tier commissions. You do have options when you sign up about how you want your notifications handled. For instance: If you prefer not to be notified by your referrer you can opt out of receiving e-mails. SBI has a zero tolerance for spam so you can feel comfortable knowing that any correspondence will be to help with your marketing efforts.

Join the 5th Pillar Club Today! Sign me up!

If you already have a successful online business and are looking for a new source of income you will benefit from each affiliate who joins through your affiliate link.

Success has a simple formula: do your best, and people may like it. Sam Ewing

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