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Brainstorming A Profitable Website Concept

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website concept

A profitable website concept is the central theme that you will use to build your sites content around. Each page will be about a topic related to your sites concept. Your goal in choosing a site concept is to find a subject that you are passionate about and have knowledge that will be appealing to others. Whether its an MLM opportunity, product, or

service is irrelevant because you will build your site around a unique niche.


This is where your real potential is – niche websites shouldn't be too broad or too narrow. Too broad meaning way too much competition resulting in your site not being found and too narrow meaning little or no interest.


The search engines love niche websites because they are more content driven. So when the search engine spiders come to check your site out they don't look at single pages but rather they look at all pages on your site.


If your main topic is too broad you should look at sub topics related to the main topic and build your niche website around those. This will surely get your site found because there is less competition.


The first step is to look at your sites theme from your visitors point of view. Who are they? What is your most wanted response? You must be clear on this before you go any further. Take the time to make a list of possible site concepts. This is the beginning of your sites blueprint. It is the foundation that all other content is going to built on so be absolutely positive before you continue.


The next step is to find profitable keywords. What are profitable keywords? The easiest way to explain this is by supply and demand. The most profitable keywords are ones that have a low supply and high demand. Makes sense doesn't it?


You've already made a list of possible site concepts based on your passion and knowledge. Keyword here is “possible” Now lets take a closer look at the keywords.


Don't feel like your profitable website concept is limited to one or two keyword phrases. Longtail keywords are very popular and much more targeted. Keywords are data that the search engines store based on how people type them into the search box. Think about what you do when you perform a search. Do you only use one or two words? Do you use multiple words?


I'll repeat what I mentioned earlier. Look at your site from your visitors perspective. Who are they? What do they search for the most? What problem are they trying to solve when they do a search? Your websites job is to solve that problem. Think about other things they may search for and add them to your list. You could come up with other monetization ideas just by thinking about their other needs.




Getting the right keywords:


The best tool that I know of for finding the most popular keywords is Wordtracker. Click on

the link and start a 7 day free trial.


Once you have confirmed your 7 day trial add your first seed word and click the proceed button. Wordtracker will give you a list of keywords related to your seed word.


Now click the first word that applies to your site concept which has KEI (keyword effectiveness index) of greater than 100. Wordtracker will supply you with a list of keywords that contain that word and the number of times they have been used by searchers. These will be displayed in the count column. Click on the related keywords to add them to your basket. Repeat this process for all keywords that are related to your seed word. Once you have added your keywords click the link to go to the next step.


Your keywords will now be shown on the screen in descending order with the most popular listed first. Now click the link to go to the next step.


Choose a search engine to do the competition search and click proceed. Wordtracker will show you keywords from your basket and their factors. Pay special attention to the KEI Analysis. The competition is determined by searching each keyword phrase in the selected search engine and finding out how many sites are using that keyword phrase. Write down the most profitable keywords with a KEI of over 10 and their factors, click the link at the bottom of the page to try again. Once you are done clear the basket and repeat the process with all related keywords.


Now open up a spreadsheet program and make 3 columns. Keyword, KEI, and Notes.


Now the fun starts. Choosing keywords with the best profitability. Pick the keyword phrases that have a high KEI and add them to your spreadsheet along with their factors. A low KEI refers to too much competition or not enough searches for that keyword. Repeat this process for keywords from your original list.


Once you have completed this task go to Google and type the first keyword from your profitable website concept table wrapped in quotes (exact match). Check out the top 10 or 20 sites and make notes on the type of sites that they are, how are they monetizing, etc. Do this for all words from your table. You may be surprised by what you find. Maybe you will find new ideas for content, new relevant keyword phrases, or possibly a profitable website concept that is so good that you decide to re- think your original site concept.


It is possible and quite probable that you will end up with more than one site concept. If this happens create tables of the most profitable keywords related to the other site concepts from your list. Study the tables and choose what you feel to be the best site concept.


Tips for helping you choose a profitable website concept:


Stick with your passion and knowledge. Building your pages will come more naturally.


Content is king. Choose a profitable website concept that has 75-100 highly profitable keywords. Each keyword should be another page on your website.


Profitability. Check your notes. Does this niche have the potential for high profit? Are there good affiliate programs that you could partner with to monetize? Does this niche have the potential to earn advertising income? Etc.


Once you get used to Wordtracker you will find it to be an invaluable tool for keyword research. There is no research tool available that goes into detail like Wordtracker. Take advantage of the free 7 day trial and create a profitable website concept for your new niche site.


Affiliate Masters Course

The best resource that I have found for learning the process of building a keyword focused content website and finding your best profitable website concept is the Affiliate Masters Course. And its free – They won't even ask for an e-mail address.

If you are up to the challenge watch this video by Ken Evoy himself! Whatever you decide good luck with your journey.

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Reader Comments (2)

Wow! I am a relatively new SBI user and your informartion is very helpful to me. Your pages are helping me to figure out what I need to know in a straight forward manner. Easy to read and understand. Great communication.

If content is king, I will surely be coming back to your pages, again and again. Thanks a lot.....



January 22, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLarry


I'm pleased to hear that you found the information on my site helpful.

Site build It is one of the best business decisions that I ever made.

Hopefully you will share these sentiments as you move forward.

Its sort of strange how I found SBI . It was a recommendation that

I received from another online "hotshot" Ann Sieg and her free e-book

the 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing. There is a widget on my site for

the book. Did you know that she and Ken Evoy (CEO of Site Build It) had

a long interview which cemented their marketing and business building

similarities? In a nut shell they fit like hand in glove. You can find it in the

Tips and Techniques section. My first advice to you is read/listen to the

Action Guide before you do anything.

Good luck!

I'm sure my readers would be interested in seeing what you are creating

so be kind to post a link to your site right here. It will surely give your

new site a boost.

January 24, 2010 | Registered Commenter[James Rouse

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