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The Most Common Renegade University Issues - Simple Solutions

This help page is about the most common Renegade University issues that can be overcome. How many times have you seen an ad that promises instant wealth, guaranteed success, retire early, etc.,etc? Too many. Is there such a thing? If you ever see this type of promotional tactic. Turn and run.

Nobody's perfect and neither are the Renegade University or The Renegade Professional. Throughout your training you'll hear the words problems and solutions repeated over and over. There is a good reason for this because that's where your focus should be. Solving other peoples problems.

How To Avoid The Most Common Renegade University Issues

Picture this: You're convinced that you've found the perfect online tutorial training program that will teach you how to build a profitable business online. You've been PREsold on the click by click training for building a blog, using social networks, video marketing, and article marketing. You've forfeited your valuable Email address to become a member.

So, you're all fired up and excited to get started. You grab a cup of your favorite beverage, sit in front of your computer in your best posture and when you click on the first tutorial training webinar – you get nothing but a white page with a green Camtasia Studio download box.

What the heck's going on? The loading screencast is working ever so slowly. 5 minutes go by and its only at 45%. But you're patient so you wait. Finally the webinar starts. But it keeps stopping to reload. This is taking the problems and solutions thing too far. You have just found one of the most common Renegade University issues. Incidentally, this is the main reason that members ask for a refund ( Renegade Professional ) or quit the free training.

Every problem has a solution. The tutorials in the Renegade Professional and Renegade University are large files and the solution is 3 feet. No we're not talking about the 3 foot rule where anyone within 3 feet of you is your prospect. What a nightmare! Its a 3 foot cord that you probably have or if not your local Walmart or Best Buy has. Shorten the ethernet cable going from your modem to your computer.

Wouldn't it be nice if all problems had such a simple solution. You could have missed out on valuable information about solving your lead generation problems and business building online all over 3 feet. Can you blame anyone for quiting? You need the information and you need it delivered without interruption. So be sure to shorten the cord.

Solving common Renegade University issues means going back to the source. Thats the beauty of this. You can watch the tutorials as often as necessary, pause the tutorials to catch up, and they never have an expiration date. One of the most under used resources is the expertise of your team leader.

Asking for help is one of the most difficult things for some people to do. If you are lucky enough to have an active leader you need to take advantage of them. Unfortunately my team leader was at a marketing level that didn't allow him time to help.

My Renegade University, Renegade Professional, and Renegade Network Marketer team always has and always will receive a personal welcome E-mail which will offer help if needed. Take advantage of me..Its okay and you should. The thing is you don't have to ask for help by responding to the E-mail. You may be sending me your content page to be optimized.

That's right; anyone who joins my team will receive a free completely optimized content page that you provide so your content has the best chance of getting ranked highly with the search engines. I do this with my Brainstorm It tool from Site Build It. And I'm a pretty generous guy so you might get more all for free, of course.

I want you to succeed and I want your content to give you solid footing. When you join the Renegade Professional prior to finishing all of the Renegade University you will at one point or another need my help because Professional is a massive training site and you will get overwhelmed. Just ask.

If you haven't received your free account you can get it here.

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