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An Internet Network Marketing Coach Altered My E-zine Article And I'm Not Happy About That


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This article is about an internet network marketing coach who altered an ezine article in an attempt to improve his blogs rankings with the search engines. You will learn what the ramifications are when you break the copyright laws and why writing your own content is always a safe bet. There is one internet network marketing coach who could be very close to having his business tarnished.

What you are about to read happened to me. Learn how to protect your copyright rights and take action when they have been compromised. Today you have an opportunity to be heard and share your opinions.

Yesterday afternoon, as I was doing my own network marketing, I decided to check my traffic stats coming into my blog. You see, I love stats and I love tracking. These are two key puzzle pieces that I always use in all of my marketing.


Well there it was, my article, “Is Your MLM Upline Causing You More Harm Than Good”. Article writing for is one of my favorite marketing strategies and generally my articles are listed highly in the search results for its specific keyword. I happen to be pretty good with keywords and have a trick to getting high rankings. You can too but it'll cost you $299.00/year.


Anyway my article was listed 3 times on page 1. That's correct, this internet network marketing coach had his article listed 3 times. #1, #3, and #6. How could that be? Well you probably know that other webmasters can copy ( I hate using that word) your code from article directories and post the articles on your site or blog. However, you are not permitted to alter the article, you must include the entire article, and you can not change the resource box information.


The first listing was my article 'as is' direct from ezinearticles. The 2nd listing was from another internet network marketing coach done right all intact. The third listing was the culprit. This guy took the first paragraph of the article and posted it. That's all just the first paragraph which, as you know, is the tease. Address a pain or a concern and draw the reader into wanting to read more. Well I clicked on that link, paragraph, anyplace that I could to find in the entire article. No way Jose'.


As a matter of fact, I checked out other articles and they were all the same. Just 1 paragraph. If I had been surfing looking at blogs and came across this one I wouldn't be hanging around long. It was that bad. But I was there because this internet network marketing coach hijacked my hard work and I was not happy about it.


So I copied ( oops that word again) this guys web address and went to and pasted it in the search box. Bingo! Name, address, phone number, IP address, host name, you get the picture.


Now I have a decision to make. Do I write an e-mail to this internet network marketing coach and ask him to remove the article, you see I believe the whole article was there it was just hidden. This way the search engine spiders would still pick up on the keywords and pass on a high ranking. Or do I leave it alone and let him continue to be a dishonest internet network marketing coach.


I am asking for your opinion. Below is an e-mail that I have composed. My plan was to send him an attachment of the whois.domaintools results page and then have him read the article. After reading this add a comment to this page.



Dear Internet Network Marketing Coach,



I suppose you are wondering why I am sending you this e-mail and the enclosed attachment. Well it goes like this and I am calmed down a bit at the moment. Internet marketers work hard to make a living. Don't you agree?


Some of us more than others, right? Those of us who know how to write keyword focused articles, address a pain, a need, a want, a concern, and a solution generally find their material ranked highly in the search engines. Its a shame when another internet network marketing coach feels compelled to not give credit where credit is due.


You see article directories allow for webmasters to use articles for their websites or blogs as long as they don't alter the material including the all important resource box. Articles are the give. Give away free information that is of value to a target audience. The take is the resource box.


Shall I get to the point? “Is Your MLM Upline Causing You More Harm Than Good”. Yes that is my material and I am pleased to know that you found my article to be of such value as to post it on your blog. You know; I have to laugh because (company name withheld) is a training program for internet marketers. A good internet network marketing coach is a minority these days and they are being seeked out more today than ever before. I should know because I am a trainer and coach myself. The humor, of course, is for someone who promotes network marketing training and coaching you don't practice what you preach.


How can you coach a client on article marketing and keyword usage when you don't practice it yourself? I can see from your blog that this is a regular pattern. Think about this for a minute. Your target market is network marketers who are struggling with lead generation and are in need of a solution. Do you believe that your blog presells your training opportunity and has your visitors in a ready to join mindset?


The front page of your blog has no white space to speak of making it difficult to read. The text is simply the first line of the first and only paragraph of articles that you have posted. Each line being a text link that you have altered the link color to make it appear as not being a link. Your blog lacks value, information, and doesn't address the pain, concern, want, need, and solution mentioned earlier.


Your Alexa ranking though is quite good for a blog that lacks all of the above which got me to do a little more research. In order for a blog to be found the natural way meaning good content, keywords, etc. it helps to have in coming links. You have 2 inbound links both from, which I now know is a classified site similar to


What this tells me is just what I suspected. You are searching Google and Yahoo using a search term related to your business and finding articles from the directories that are ranked highly. Then, you are taking that article and posting it on your blog but you are hiding the content and resource box from your readers. Why would an internet network marketing coach do such a thing? Have you ever heard the term “content is king”? Sure the search engine spiders will see the article content and your blog will rank well, but what about your visitors?


What you are doing is an interesting marketing technique if you don't want to produce your own original content but you are going about it all wrong. Take a look at the search term that you used to find “Is Your MLM Upline Causing You More Harm Than Good”. Remember that is my material. Page 1 on Google first listing: my original article from, third listing: my complete article on another webmasters blog also a training opportunity blog. The difference being the article is complete resource box and all, sixth listing: your blog with my partial article and resource box hidden.


What are your fears? Afraid of losing a prospect? In actuality by leaving the article intact you are letting your visitors know that they have options and it isn't all about you. There is no guarantee they will read the entire article; although I hope the article captured their attention. You are providing value which in many cases will keep your visitors around longer. So; what if they look at a different opportunity? Remember they are searching for a solution and if you don't provide value they probably won't do business with you.


I've been asking myself why am I helping you. After all you are a professional internet network marketing coach and trainer. The only answer I have is because this is what I do. I find solutions for network marketers. Its second nature. Look at the bright side; you just receive free expert advice.


Now back to your problem. You hijacked my hard work for your own benefit and I'm still ticked off about that. Read the terms of service. Pay special attention to section 1 a-e, section 7, and don't miss section 8.


So here is the solution:


Remove my partial article from your blog immediately or post the entire article resource box and all for all to see.


If you refuse I will be forced to contact You see they will give you a 48 hour notice of your privilege to reprint rights being revoked. You'll then have 24 hours to remove ( are you ready for this) all articles received from If you can't be found your web hosting company will be contacting you to service notice.


I see from that your web hosting company is Good choice; I use them myself and am quite satisfied with their service.


Finally, if you still refuse to cooperate legal action is an option. Read Copyright Law of the United States of America and Related Laws Contained in Title 17 of the United States Code.


It seems to me that the first solution is the best. Oh yea, an apology and promise never to do this again would be nice but not expected. If I were you I'd hope and pray that I'm not friends with the other hard working authors whose articles you have hijacked.


Yours Truly,


p.s. You know the old school methods of prospecting i.e. cold calling, circle of influence. 3 foot rule, pull tabs, and fliers is less effective than it once was. It's no wonder so many people perceive network marketing in a negative way. The need for an internet network marketing coach is at an all time high. Perhaps you need to go back to school. I don't hate you; I'm disappointed in you, but I don't hate you. I'm here to help you solve a problem and you've got a BIG problem. Here's another freebie for you go back to school today right now your network marketing business will change forever.




There it is. What would you do? Do I send the letter and rock his world? My personal feeling is yes. Why? Because he needs to be responsible for his actions and he needs to learn how to be an internet network marketing coach. This new model of network marketing is really still in its infancy stage. We need to build a solid foundation by being honest and trustworthy for the future of this industry. We need to be learning good habits right now for the benefit of all trainers and coaches today and for tomorrow.


Or do I just forget it and let him continue to hijack other hard working authors work. I have intentionally not mentioned his coaching opportunity out of respect for the good coaches who are involved with this opportunity. Some of whom I have become friends with through the social networks. What I will tell you is that its one of the more popular coaching and training sites.


Your comments are welcome. What are we going to do with this internet network marketing coach?

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