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Content Viral Syndication

content syndication

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Have you been trying to understand how content syndication and social media marketing fit together? Everyone knows using social networks for business is a powerful tool when used properly. The only problem is too many people are self promoting and not providing enough value through content that is educational, enlightening, or entertaining.

Content syndication is the action of sharing your content with the world. Be it through a website, blog, or social markets. For this article lets focus on the social networks. You've just written a great article for your blog and now you want to share it. So you log into Digg, Reddit, or whatever social venue of your choice. Now you have to write an enticing headline and description. Check to be sure its an original article, and finally fill out the captch to make sure you are human.

What are the odds, unless you have a huge following, that your article goes viral. If your lucky another user may post a comment or vote on it. Content syndication is how you are going to get traffic to your main hub so you need to get your content into the hands of many active users. Users that will willingly digg it, tweet it, vote on it, or “the biggie” write a comment on it.

Until recently the only way of doing this was to log into another social networking site and do the process all over again. Have you thought about how much of your valuable time is used up on that same article?

The first order of business is to write articles that are, as mentioned earlier; educational, enlightening, or entertaining. These are the types of articles that people want to read. What problem can you solve? How can you make peoples lives easier? Your content will go viral as long as you focus on these types of articles.

Imagine, if you will, what it would be like if your content got into the hands of the masses. People who happily share your content with their followers, vote on it, and spread the word about your content throughout the social networking world.

Its happening right now for hundreds of users thanks to SYNND. Charles Heflin, a master student of content syndication, created SYNND as a tool for business people to get their content cranking through the social markets.

The system is based on a credit system. If you want to submit content for other members to syndicate for you; it'll cost 1 credit for every task that they perform. You collect credits by running tasks for other members. Plus the system is all automated so it runs tasks for you without any action from you. The base membership will collect about 500 credits for you per month. If you want to earn more credits you can log into the remote automator and perform tasks manually.

What I like about SYNND is it's a spam free package. All content that is submitted goes through human editors so your reputation is protected. The biggest benefit is the backlinks from other members actions and your improved search engine rankings.

You have complete control over your campaigns. When you see that your getting decent traffic you can pause a campaign and use the credits for other campaigns. You also have the option of controlling the amount of traffic that your campaign generates from other members for a given day. Of course, once your content goes viral you can't control the natural traffic, which is a very good thing. SYNND is what gets the ball rolling.

Watch the SYNND Demo to learn more .

It'll take between 12 and 24 hours for you get certified by SYNND's content syndication system. Once you are you'll need to install the remote automator.

remote automator

This is where you will perform all your actions. Its a lot of fun watching the system work. All your user names and passwords will be stored in SYNND so the system randomly goes to work for you.


If you want to earn more credits you simply choose a task and click the link. It performs your task for you in less time than it would take you to log into the website to do it the traditional way.

SYNND status

You can also check to see which tasks have been completed and which ones were automated

social accounts

There are modules for storing your actions as well as your social network users names.

Read about My SYNND Experience

SYNND will save you hours of your precious time allowing you to concentrate on creating more content and less time on marketing. Imagine only needing to spend 20% of your time on marketing rather than the usual 80%. Take SYNND's content syndication for a test drive today!

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