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Copy Writing Strategy Failures

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copywriting failures

A major component to any online business is writing good copy. Are you one of the thousands who have endured copywriting strategy failures? Do you get frustrated with getting poor results with your marketing strategy? Do you want, or better yet, need to learn how to write copy like the pros?

By reading this article you will learn how to avoid copywriting strategy failures and take action with your marketing techniques to improve your bottom line. It matters little where you are in your network marketing business we all have experienced copywriting strategy failures at one time or another; so you're not alone.

Headlines Headlines Headlines

Did you ever think about the thought process when people read headlines? The brain works in mysterious ways and psychologically there are certain powerful reasons why certain headlines work better than others. No I'm not a shrink and I'm not going to ask you to lie down on the couch. Follow along!

Thought Process#1

Question Headline vs. Statement Headline

Is network marketing causing your head to spin?

Are you making these same mistakes over and over?

Do you know where you fail in your copywriting strategy?

A question headline will draw attention much faster than a statement headline. Its a fact. You be the judge compare these two headlines: Are you scrambling to pay your medical bills? Don't scramble to pay your medical bills. Which one speaks louder to you? There is a reason for this. Questions have a funny way of stimulating your thought process. The mere sight of a question mark causes your brain to want more information.

Thought Process#2

Problem Headline vs. Solution Headline

Are you struggling to get quality leads?

Is your mechanic putting you in the poorhouse?

Are your kids getting proper nutrition?

See how we now used the thought process #1 question and added it to the problem headline. Every day consciously or sub consciously we are dealing with problems. Its natural for our thought process to solve these problems. A problem headline sends our brains into overdrive searching for a solution. All problems need a solution so focusing on the problem leads to more readership searching for the solution.

Thought Process#3

Curiosity Headline vs. Non-Curiosity Headline

Does your network marketing company use these training techniques?

Are you using these copywriting strategy failures in your content?

People are naturally curious sorts. The best copywriters know how to draw readers into wanting to know more by utilizing the curiosity factor. "How to" articles are perfect examples of curiosity techniques because it implies a problem which you have a solution to.

Are You Tired Of Copywriting Strategy Failures? Learn How To Write Excellent Copy From The Best In The Business

A recent exclusive interview was held between copywriting guru David Garfinkel and network marketing guru Ann Sieg. Two protégées of mine. They spoke in length about copywriting and David really overdelivered in this interview. David gives away some real proven advice and near the end of the interview reveals an under used thought process trick that you can start using immediately.

David has been in the copywriting business since 1999 and has rescued many copywriting strategy failures. As a matter of fact, his teachings made at least 3 network marketers over 1,000,000 in just 24 hours. Pretty impressive. Ann recently hired him to train 3 of her team members at the tune of $35,000. The results of his work was phenomenal. Almost 40,000 fresh opt-ins (leads) generated in a single month. Exactly 4,454 new customers acquired in less than 8 hours. More than 186,517 unique website visitors in under 30 days.

Anns a big time marketer and her team has become very successful. I wouldn't expect to see these kind of numbers. But you will see results once you learn true copywriting from the best.

What you will gain from listening in on this interview

  • How to lead customers down a particular path (PREselling)
  • Thinking about where your customers are now in their business
  • The thought process that others use to take action. Not just the words
  • Getting people to take action
  • Being responsible for the action that you want your customers to take
  • Conversational language that gets another person to take action
  • And More

When I first listened to the interview it quickly became apparent that David brings a lot of value to the table. After all; good copywriting is what gets the attention of your readers? If you aren't writing good copy your loosing customers to the competition.

Ann's a pretty persuasive woman; somehow she managed to convince David to make his easy to use template designed The Ultimate Copywriting Crash Course available for a cut rate. Maybe it was because she just spent 35 grand for 3 people or maybe because David knows she has a massive following. Whatever the reason is you are the beneficiary.

What's In It For You?

  • 6 Simple Secrets That Will Put The Power Of Copywriting In the Palm Of Your Hands
  • Emails That Attract More Prospects and Retain More Customers
  • How to Increase Conversions on Lead Capture and Sales Pages
  • Writing to Sustain Satisfying Relationships
  • 7 Ways to Add Sales Magnetism to Written/Audio/Video Instructions, and to Motivational Content
  • Add Intrigue to What You Say in Community Conversations: Blogs, Forums, Social Networking
  • Plus a free bonus Special Report on Customer-Friendly Marketing Techniques (worth an additional $197) Which is yours to keep even if you ask for a refund

To learn more about The Ultimate Copywriting Crash Course use the handy form below. Its hard saying how long David will keep the recession buster pricing available so get started today.

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* Email
* = Required Field

Avoid copywriting strategy failures and get your content cranking through the web today. Perhaps you have a downline or friend that could benefit from this interview. Just use the e-mail link above.

Success has a simple formula: do your best, and people may like it. Sam Ewing

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    Copy Writing Strategy Failures - Copywriting Strategy Failures - Marketing Techniques - Attraction Marketing Strategies And Techniques For Internet Marketers
  • Response
    Response: XouEvLcr
    Copy Writing Strategy Failures - Copywriting Strategy Failures - Marketing Techniques - Attraction Marketing Strategies And Techniques For Internet Marketers
  • Response
    Copy Writing Strategy Failures - Copywriting Strategy Failures - Marketing Techniques - Attraction Marketing Strategies And Techniques For Internet Marketers

Reader Comments (3)

Marketing tip? If you are marketing locally, make sure to have your local numbers, addresses, etc. displayed prominently in your ad.

April 16, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterjoleng16

@joleng 16,

I might add registering with google for local search. Google has gotten hip to this and in today's online world its a must. There is another page on this site that talks about localized business online.

April 16, 2010 | Registered Commenter[James Rouse

One Way to spice up your ad copy? Re-write it like a regular conversation. I recommend Troy White for more marketing tips and strategies.

April 24, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterjoleng16

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