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E-zine Viral Marketing

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Its no secret that one of my favorite marketing techniques is submitting articles to e-zine directories. E-zine viral marketing is a strategy that will provide your online business with an endless stream of targeted traffic for years to come.

Have you ever done a search and found a result that was from an e-zine article? Did you look at the production date of the article? I've seen tons of articles that were well over 3 years old on these pages. How long does it take to write a keyword rich high value article? An hour? Maybe less! Have you ever looked at how many times the article was read? This should be near the bottom of the page after the resource box. Some have been read over a thousand times.

Its easy to see why e-zine viral marketing is such an effective and free strategy for building traffic to your website or blog. Consider the cost of PPC advertising. Lets say your paying .25 cents a click. A thousands hits would cost you $250.00. With e-zine viral marketing its more targeted and the odds are improved that your reader will click through to your product or service because you have written an informative article that solves a problem. Or possibly an article that has valuable free information.

The mindset is when people give away free high value information that provides a solution their curiosity is peaked. The thinking is; if an author gives away great information imagine what they'll get if they do business together.

You shouldn't only rely on the article directories for your e-zine viral marketing. You already should know that other webmasters can add the code from your article and post it to their website or blog. You have no control over who is using your article what matters most is that your article was so good that a webmaster wanted their readers to hear what you have to say. And that's what we call content syndication.

There are numerous techniques for e-zine viral marketing such as: Adding an expert author banner to your website or blog when you become one. And you will. How do I know that? Because you are going to fill out the simple form below and listen to an exclusive and educational interview. David Garfinkel is considered by many marketers to be the world's Greatest Copywriting Teacher. On August 17, 2009 "The Ultimate Copywriting Crash Course" was launched. What does copywriting have to do with writing high value articles? Everything; learn why by listening to the interview

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On July 24, 2009 an interesting un-planned e-zine viral marketing event occurred on my blog. I was writing a piece about the Renegade Network Marketer System process and theory. How it led me to creating a website about a passion of mine and this blog amongst other things.

Well, I noted the number of e-zine articles read in a 3 month period and the number of articles published by webmasters. At the time it was 1000 reads and 10 publishers which averaged out to 11.1 reads/day and .11 published articles/day. On August 8, 2009 I decided to check out the stats again. This was exactly 15 days later. 1,261 reads and 15 publishers which averaged out to 17.4 reads/day and .33 published articles/day.

Ezine Viral Marketing Stats

# of days # of reads average
90 1000 11.1 10 .11
15 261 17.4 5 .33

The lesson here is don't rely on the article directories alone. Market your e-zine articles just like any other material and link to your articles as well. Either individually as to add value to your content or even as I did to your author profile or profiles.

J.P.Rouse expert author
James Rouse expert author

How about adding the above links to your signature file in e-mails. Sig files are one of the most overlooked marketing techniques. This technique is what eventually got microsoft to pay 400 million to purchase hotmail, Not bad for adding a simple “click here to get a free e-mail address”.

Okay. I'm biased. I love writing e-zine articles. You can too, its not hard, just write with passion. Now here's that form again

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Success has a simple formula: do your best, and people may like it. Sam Ewing

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