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The Foundation Of An Online Business

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What separates your struggles in business and moving forward is understanding the foundation of an online business. Working diligently is good, but does it solve your problems?

Do you feel like your wasting money and effort without making progress? Does it drive you batty that for every step forward you seem to fall two steps backwards?

Let me tell you a true story about helping a friend with her cleaning business.

Occasional I get called upon to help a friend clean apartments or houses when she is too busy to do it alone. Most times I agree to help because it puts me into a different setting which is healthy. Well, One day she asked me to come over to get directions and a key to a job that needed to be done; like yesterday.

So I grabbed my vacuum cleaner, broom, mop and bucket, and headed for her house to get cleaning supplies. Once she gave me her instructions on what needed to be done I hit the road. On my way to the job I spotted a Dunkin Donuts and thought a large cup of joe would do me some good. Once I got back into traffic the unthinkable happened. A huge gust of wind blew my directions out the window. There was no way that I could stop, so I thought to myself, should I call her to get the directions again? Nah, I can wing it! Afterall I knew what street it was on. When I finally got to the apartment building I grabbed my gear and coffee. I make my way to the apartment, put the key in the lock, and you won't believe this.

The key won't open the door.

There I am juggling my coffee and trying to get the darned door open. I turn the key upside down thinking it was in backwards, nope. I'm thinking to myself “should I call for help?” Meanwhile people are entering and exiting the building and I hear them mumbling. “I didn't know Bob moved out.” Then it dawned on me. I looked up at the numbers on the door and see 54. I vaguely remember these were the numbers. Maybe I should call for help. My friend isn't afraid to call when she needs help so whats my problem. Then a nice lady walks up to me asks if she can help. I told her why I was there and she said “ Oh, this is Bobs apartment you want Debbie's old apartment number 45 she moved out last weekend.”

Are you trying to open the wrong doors?

You have the tools for the job. You've got the right key. You have your coffee. Problem is you've been opening the wrong doors. And thats why you've been driving yourself batty. Its not like you have to start over. If you don't get the foundation for an online business right, you'll continue to struggle while other people are rolling in the business.

Fix the problem today

Unless you have unlimited funds the quickest way to earn a decent living is to understand the foundation of an online business. Then market it big time. Its really not as difficult as you may believe and it works. It matters little what business your in; a foundation for an online business is the best way, even on a small budget, to increase your sales and leads.

Think of a foundation for an online business like the foundation of a home. A solid foundation will hold up to in climate weather and it allows you to expand. How about the pyramids, a nice wide base. If your business provides a value to others you'll discover how to leverage the foundation of your online business and create multiple streams of income.

The key to the foundation of an online business is opening the right door

When you get the master key to the University you get the process and theory behind the foundation of an online business. Plus you get into an action mode to start implementing the strategies today. Step by step you will open new doors to create the foundation of your online business.

Why you need to get the University today

Aside from the fact that you will learn every possible marketing and business building strategy. You will learn it through on screen training and high value interesting pre recorded webinars allowing you to work at your own pace. Plus I will personally be available to assist you as needed. You will learn the trust your business builds will be viral.

So, Whats all this cost?

A heck of a lot less than you may think. The valuable strategies and techniques alone is worth well over $1500.00. But you won't need to pay that much. Add on the tutorials on blogging and site building and the cost would be even more. What if I told you to keep your credit card in your pocket and use the form below to get started right now absolutely free.

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