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How To Invite Your Website Visitors To Willingly Create Free Web Content For You

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Have you ever thought about the amount of free web content on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Flickr? These sites are all ranked in the top 35 worldwide. Wouldn't it be nice if you could have your visitors create content for you?

Some say they already are which is the big attraction to blogging. Your visitors can post comments which is free web content ; the only problem is most people don't post comments. Then you have to write great content that entices your visitors to take the time to comment.

If your lucky and do get comments how many people actually read them? We've all seen sites that provide great content and get a ton of comments but they are few and far between.

Blogs are considered dynamic sites for this very reason. Blogging is great if you create fresh content on a daily basis; unfortunately most blog posts are dated which makes your posts old news in a hurry. Add to this that most people don't take the time to read archived material and you have a ton of content that rarely gets read.

Most people start a blog because it's a simple, easy, fast, and affordable way to promote your business or opportunity and make money online. They also know that the search engines love blogs because of the fresh content and blogs do get ranked well because of this; but what about your visitors?

According to Google, blogs deliver a poor quality visitor. The following is a direct quote from Google Analytics 101, written by Google in April 2008...

"Blogs usually have high Bounce Rates no matter what since
normal visitor behavior is to read the newest post and then leave."

What this means is even if you do get user created free web content the odds of it providing more value to your visitor is slim.

What is it that Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Flickr all have in common? They all have free web content because you want to upload your profile, post blurbs about what you are doing, add your favorite video, and show off your pictures. This has an incredible viral effect. And why do you do it? Because you want to and its free.

Imagine if you could take the best of the social networks, the user friendly capabilities of blogs, and have your website visitors voluntarily create free web content for you. Content that you, with a few clicks of the mouse, turn into search able and indexable web pages.

Up until recently this was just a dream but now thanks to Site Build It you can and its called Content 2.0.

Lets say you had a site about flower gardening and your site is getting decent traffic because you provide great value, tips, landscape designs, etc. What you do is; invite your visitors to “brag” about their gardens. Most people who flower garden are proud of their hard work and would happily share the fruits of their labor.

Once your visitor submits their story about their masterpiece, photos and all, you preview the free web content and approve or disapprove the page. This gives you total control over your websites content and, thanks to your visitor, another web page on your site. The result becomes viral as other people read the new pages and they in turn want to join in the fun. The next thing you know they are telling their friends who are telling their friends and so it goes.

Site Build It charged $99.00/yr. for this as an add on, which most SBIers paid willingly, but now its another one of their many free tools that are all included in the yearly cost of just $299.00 or $29.99/mo. which ever you prefer. Some SBIers have hundreds of pages created by their visitors. How long would it take you to create hundreds of web pages? Or, if you outsourced, how much would it cost?

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Content 2.0 gives you the ability to create invitations for many uses.

  • A Mini Yahoo Answers
  • A Recruitment Tool
  • A Directory
  • A Discussion Forum
  • A Super Blog
  • Create A Community
  • Develop A Photo Gallery
  • Consumer Reviews
  • The possibilities are endless

Read what other Sbiers have to say about Content 2.0

"980 Content 2.0 pages after one year. We have even had entries from celebrities who have entered their children and child stars."

- Renee Lauren,

"I have over 2500 C2 pages from my readers. It quickly took me from about 500/600 HTML pages to over 3500 pages." "Since adding C2 to my site, I'm more than halfway (income wise) to replacing a full time six figure job."

- Onuora Amobi,

"I quickly jumped from 700 visitors a day to 2500+ per day. Yesterday I had over 3500 visitors (my highest day yet)."

- Amy Cordray,

"3100 C2 pages. C2 is the best form of leverage I've come across online. Visitors submitting content for free? What more can you ask for?"

Mantius Cazaubon,

Content 2.0 is another great example of what makes Site Build It the premier choice for anyone who wants to build a longterm online business. Are you ready for your business to explode with user created free web content?

Take Site Build It for a test drive today!

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Success has a simple formula. Do your best and people may like it...Sam Ewing

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