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Global Resorts Network - Opportunity Knocks

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global resorts networkThe birth of Global Resorts Network. A few short years ago one of the most prestigious resort networks partnered up with an innovative pay plan called Perpetual Leverage.

Global Resorts Network is your lifetime ticket to luxurious travel at unheard of costs. You can purchase 8 days and 7 nights accommodations to 4 and 5 star resorts for up to 8 people; in some cases starting as low as $299.00 for the entire week. There are over 5000 locations worldwide and the most you will ever pay is $799.00 per week.

This is really exciting news not only for the consumer but also for the lucrative business opportunity that it presents. If you like to travel and you like to make money a Global Resorts Membership is your ticket.

Memberships are not just limited to 4 and 5 star resort stays you can also take that cruise that you've always dreamed of taking. This is a lifetime membership; well actually a 100 year membership so it can be passed on to your children. I've seen savings as much as $1500.00 on Hawaiian resorts so it doesn't take long for a membership to pay for itself. Plus the lucrative referral program makes it a hot commodity.

Watch this short video to see some real time savings and learn more.

There are no hidden costs with a Global Resorts Network membership, no annual fees, no blackout dates, and no limits on travel. There is a one-time membership fee which has been drastically reduced by over $7500.00. Your membership gets you full access to this prestigious club which has been supporting itself successfully for over 20 years. But for the first time ever its being offered online and Global owns exclusive rights to it.

Prior to Global striking the BIG deal this product never offered a business opportunity and since they have been successful for over 20 years it is a sought after product. Now with the price drastically reduced it opens up huge opportunities in 2 ways.

  1. For the consumer it will save them tons of money on travel accommodations for life.
  2. As a business opportunity its a valuable sought after product and the Perpetual Leverage pay plan is like none you've ever seen

Its a win win situation for everyone. Additionally if the consumer wants to refer the product to friends or even take it to another level they will earn a nifty commission. And they probably will because they used the membership and know the true value of the product.

What Is Perpetual Leverage?

Perpetual leverage is a lucrative pay plan that has no limits on depth or width. Picture if you will earning $1000.00 commissions for all qualified sales that you or your team makes with no limits. Additionally you will earn $1000.00 on sales that your downline makes for life.

See the plan here.

A Global Resorts Network membership is a high ticket item which is why you need to become a member through this website. Not only will you be a member of my team but you will also receive additional training that Global Resorts Network doesn't provide. This is how you are going to learn to attract the right target market and willing to purchase customers who are eager to do business with you.

I call it:

The Unfair Advantage

Exclusive access to the members only Club. This club normally costs $197.00/mo. but you will get it for only $1.00 (2 months access) In the club you will get:

  • E-Covers: Professionally designed covers for an e-book or DVD. Retail value $250.00

  • Coaching: 2 Free one-on-one 20 minute coaching sessions per month with the teams top earners who are active in the field.

  • Google Mastery Course: This program alone retails for $497.00 and has sold over 450,000 copies. It gives you access to the hottest PPC training in the home business industry today. Over the next 8 weeks, as a member of the club, you will be delivered one intense training per week. This series has not only changed people’s businesses, but changed their lives.

  • Get Dirty Get Messy & Grow Your Team

  • As a member of the club, not only are you going to get the best possible training on how to make sale after sale after sale in Global. But, you also make $100.00 per person per month as an affiliate of the club.

  • Plus Webinars, Conferences, and new strategies as they become available

  • All For $1.00

  • Plus as a member of my team; your team will receive the same unfair advantage.

    Welcome To My Team.

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    Success has a simple formula: do your best, and people may like it. Sam Ewing

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