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How To Build A Profitable Online Business

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When planning to start a new profitable online business it is critical to stay focused on the ultimate goal which is creating a higher standard of living for yourself and your loved ones. If you start to loose that focus and get frustrated you must take a break and relax because your success depends on it.


Building a business from the ground up takes time and patience. Remember Rome wasn't built in one day and neither will your new profitable online business. 90% of people who fail at an on line business fail because they didn't follow a proven process or they never knew what the process was.


One of the biggest fears is how to write for the Internet. No one wants to pay webmasters the fees that they charge particularly when the process is a simple as C-T-P-M.




The key to success on line is to build a site that is niche-focused . The reason for this is that you will have less competition and it will be easier for targeted traffic to find you. Afterall your targeted traffic is the " heart and soul" of your business.


In the online world people use the net to get information and find solutions. It makes the yellow pages look like tiny post it notes in comparison.


Your first order of business is to write high value content rich pages that the search engines like. In doing this you get ranked higher on Google, Yahoo, etc. which makes it easier for your site to be found. Your quality pages written by you builds traffic to your site.


You now will have built credibility in your visitors minds because of your high ranking and converted your visitors into presold customers. Your presold customers are now in a ready to buy mind set which makes it easier for them to click through to your monetization model.


Your monetization could be anything from an order page to affiliate merchant to referral program the possibilities are endless.


This is how to build a Niche- Focused- Theme- Based- Content Website for long term profits. A site that sells.

Hilarious Video By SBI! Owner


If this sounds all too easy it is not . It does require motivation and focus. Keep reminding yourself of your ultimate goal which is a higher standard of living for yourself  and  your loved ones.

Success has a simple formula: do your best, and people may like it. Sam Ewing

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