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Writing Good Content Gets The Click

writing good content


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We have all heard the expression “content is king”, well it is true writing good content gets the click. You could have the prettiest website design and even get decent traffic but if you don't have good content your visitors won't hang around your website or blog for very long. Your original content is what ultimately gets your visitors to your most wanted response.


Have you ever hit the back button after visiting a website because the content wasn't useful? Or perhaps the content was just like what you find on any other website. Good content written by you should show off your personality, be interesting and informative. After all whats the sense of putting it on line if nobody will benefit from it and it won't help you get traffic or repeat visitors either.


When a visitor arrives at your website or blog you need to get their attention right away. They came to your site to get more information but what they really want to know is how you are going to ease their pain and make their lives better. How are you going to save them money. Its called the “whats in it for me” mindset. So writing good content should address what they want.


You might be saying to yourself “ but I'm not a good writer”. You don't have to be a good writer. Write as if you were sitting across the table with a friend and having conversation. Talk to your visitors. Make them an offer they can't refuse by writing about something you are passionate about. Don't know what to write about? What hobbies do you have? What knowledge do you have that would benefit someone else? Just keep it real, make it interesting, and your visitors will keep coming back for more. The most important thing to remember when writing good content is to focus on the benefits. Whats in it for me.


Your unique content is what gets you high search engine rankings along with keywords , of course. Remember its real people that read your content not the search engines and if your visitor hits the back button soon after arriving the search engines will notice. Not only will the search engines penalize you but you also lost a customer because you weren't writing good content.


You may have noticed the use of the words “you” and “your” often in this article. Remember who you are talking to and focus on providing value and benefits for your visitors. I's and we's are words that are about you. Your visitors don't care about you; they want you to help them find a solution to a problem.


In conclusion: Your unique original content is what leads your visitors to your compelling offer. The search engines deliver free targeted traffic to your website or blog because of your keyword focused content not because of a well designed site. Content is king so write to your visitors focusing on value, benefits, solutions, and address their pain.


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Success has a simple formula: do your best, and people may like it. Sam Ewing

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