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Attraction Marketing Tutorial Training


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Times have changed in internet network marketing and the newest attraction marketing tutorial training concept has made it possible for anyone to have a successful work from home business. Attraction marketing has been used for quite some time by saavy marketers but not until recently has the concept and theory been introduced and shared.


I guess its fair to say that the selfish network marketers who have been utilizing attraction marketing wanted to keep the secret under their hat. Well the secret is out and the network marketing industry will never be the same again for those people who start to implement the techniques and resources that are available to them and in most cases for free.


The evolution of the internet has made such a huge impact on all businesses world wide. Not too long ago all you could get on line in the form of downloads was a PDF file. Then came along e-books. The only problem with e-books was the time to read the material and digest the information. Next came audio files. This was a refreshing addition because you could listen and read which helps in processing the information. So it shouldn't come as any surprise that attraction marketing tutorial training using video would be next.


The “can” has been opened on tutorial training and you will be seeing more and more programs and systems being developed to imitate the success of the best attraction marketing tutorial training system. It is talked about often in network marketing circles about duplication. Can a system or program be duplicable. The answer is yes but first it must provide true value, address a need, and solve a problem. There is a need for network marketing training and the best medium for training is through video. But what separates the best from the rest.


How many times have you made a purchase or ordered a system that simply links to a slide with some text explaining “how to”? What is the best way of learning ? For me, its watch me do it and duplicate what I'm doing. Follow the leader. After all isn't that what real teachers do in school? Your math teacher shows you on the chalk board how to do fractions and that is how we learn. Online we call this click by click training.


So why shouldn't attraction marketing tutorial training do the same? In order to be successful in business online you need to know not only “how to” but also why. What separates the best from the rest is the professor. A good attraction marketing tutorial training system has to have the best teacher in the business. One that makes you feel as if you're friends. One that connects with you and most importantly one that knows the business and is a great communicator.


Working on a computer can be quirky; sometimes things happen. Finding an attraction marketing tutorial training program that doesn't edit the tutorials when things go wrong to show even the professor has deal with problems and find a solution. That is an added value in my book because it addresses other issues that you may have to deal with when working online.


The best attraction marketing tutorial training professor is hands down Mike Klingler. Am I biased because he voluntarily endorsed material that I have online? No. Although it was nice. I never would have been able to position myself to get endorsed had it not been for his training. So what makes Mike the best? Experience, knowledge, and the ability to communicate with any age group.


That's one of the reasons the Renegade Professional is such a powerful program that is worth every penny and then some. Very rarely do you find a teacher who is a teachers teacher and that is what Mike is.


Experience: 14 years building an MLM business the traditional way and being successful. Traveling the country with team members to seminars and conferences. Learning all he could to build his business not only for himself but for his team. Early on Mike knew the power of training his downline.


Knowledge: Along with experience comes learning. Every new experience, success, and failure brings added knowledge. Learn from your mistakes and exploit your successes. Mikes drive to get more education is a benefit to anyone who listens to him. And there are a lot of ears. I like to refer to Mike as E.F.Hutton. When Mike speaks people listen. Case in point: he went from around 2500 followers on Twitter to over 40,000 in a period of less than 4 months. Part of the reason for this was the knowledge that he got from Ann Siegs attraction marketing e-book The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing. So is Ann responsible for his success? In part yes. Ann is the pioneer of attraction marketing and she broke all the rules of traditional network marketing when she introduced her e-book to the public in 2007. Mike took that knowledge, exploited it, and managed to build a list of over 1000 prospects in a period of 3 days.


Communication: Mikes ability to communicate with any age group is a true asset. Rarely do you find someone who has the ability to connect like Mike has. Going through the attraction marketing training tutorial sections with mike as the professor makes you feel like he is right there in your computer room. You truly feel like he is your personal friend. And he is because he's the reason your network marketing business is going to thrive by following his lead. Duplicate.


What makes the Renegade Professional stand above all the rest? Over 275 attraction marketing tutorial training videos. Webinars, keyword research, writing with pull, e-mail marketing, etc; assignments and all. Mike won't be correcting any papers your grade will be getting paid by prospects who are interested in what you have to say by means of a funded proposal ,which is front end income, while you work on your primary business model. 14 expert trainers including Mike and Ann. Over 100 hours of click by click training and they keep adding more.


The Renegade Professional is a subscription program that re-opened their doors for new students on June 22, 2009. You can get started today! If you are serious about your network marketing business, and you should be, then you need this attraction marketing tutorial training. I will be your personal guide and new friend helping you when you need help. Giving you tips that I have learned and mentoring you to success.

By the way this a no risk program. You have a full 30 days to see if Renegade Professional is for you. During these 30 days you access to all the webinars and click by click training tutorials. Nothing is off limits!

If you decide that it isn’t right for you, just let them know and they’ll refund all your money no questions asked.

If you decide to stay in, there are absolutely no commitments. You can cancel your membership at any time and owe nothing.

Personally I don't believe they ever will be honoring the guarantee because its nearly impossible not to succeed.


Ann and Mike are humble people who don't go around tooting their own horn but if you'd like to see some proof; here's a post about commissions paid out to new students in the first month of joining the Renegade Professional. Show me the proof.

Perhaps you are anxious and want to get into the free attraction marketing tutorial training University, which is the first step to gaining access to the Renegade Professional. Learn how to position yourself as a professional, video marketing, introduction to Twitter, start advertising for free, start marketing, and more....

Success has a simple formula: do your best, and people may like it. Sam Ewing

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