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Learn Website Programing

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Most people who give up on building a website never took the time to learn website programing. They figured that you had to hire a professional who would charge them an arm and a leg to build a site.

I remember being prospected by webmasters when I owned a brick and mortar automobile business trying to sell me a website. They used the typical sales tactics of getting photos of my car lot and actually building a page about my dealership.

My answer was always the same. As much as I'd like to believe that I had the best prices in the Country I couldn't imagine someone from California purchasing a car from me here in Maine.

I didn't realize all the possibilities that local businesses have to monetize in other ways aside from their main business. And I couldn't justify paying the “phone numbers” that these webmasters were throwing at me.

But I was intrigued with seeing my name and business on the world wide web so I started to dabble and try to learn website programming in my spare time. Of course, I didn't understand the terminology but I did learn a lot.

Everyone has different ways of learning. For some people they are more comfortable curling up with a book while others need more direct instruction like a classroom setting. I've found that I do my best work in the evening while other writers that I know prefer first thing in the morning.

You'll learn website programing much easier if you focus on what works best for you.

I built my first website with Site Build It! but I didn't follow the guide and instructions like I should have. Its fair to say that I was no different than a lot of people who want a website. They want it now and they don't want to wait.

The problem is this kind of impatience will hurt you in the long run. So I ended up hiring SBIs Site Sell Services to build, or for a better word, rebuild my first 10 pages which I knew would give me a solid foundation.

It cost me $1599.00 but it was worth it because that's when I really started to learn website programing. You see; unlike hiring a webmaster to build your site and being at their mercy when you want to add pages. With Site Sell Services the pages were built through my password protected account and stored in their data base.

When they were done with my 10 pages I got nosy and went into the site builder section as if I was going to edit a page. I then copied and pasted all the codes into a file on my computer and thats when I began to learn website programing.

I'll have to admit that if I followed the guide I could have saved myself some money but to this day; I still believe that it was the best $1599.00 I've ever spent online. Now the site has over 100 pages and its getting great generic traffic.

I found out in the members only forum that all I needed to do to learn website programing on my own was to right click the mouse on any page and click view page source.

The first time doing this you'll have no clue what your looking at. All those numbers letters and symbols spread out across the page. Don't sweat it you'll figure it out. The next time you find a site that has a bulleted or numbered list for instance check it out. Get a good feel for where it is on the page and check the page source. I'll bet you figure it out.

Believe it or not this is how a lot of webmasters learn website programming and most of them will tell you that hand coding a website results in a much more clean page. But for those who don't have the time there are some good HTML editors in the marketplace.

Dreamweaver is without a doubt the most popular editor it also comes with a pricey price tag $399.00. There's no question this download can handle all your programing needs but you still should learn website programing nonetheless. For no other reason than when things go amiss you can fix the problem.

If you plan on building a site that needs graphics and pictures you're going to be needing a graphics editor. Pictures are a great source for generating traffic just be sure to complete the alt tag. PaintShopPro is a reasonably priced editor and there are some free editors online that are good too such as Krita

Getting overwhelmed as you learn website programing is normal. I know it was for me. If your anything like I was you have determination to learn as much as you can. So, the next time you see a cool website check the source code. I can't stress this enough, whenever you find a code that you like be sure to save it to a file on your computer for easy access

If you ever find yourself needing a little help you can do what 85% of webmasters world wide do and submit a project to RentACoder. After you review the bids you'll find a coder that will complete a project for the best price in the marketplace and in a timely manner.

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