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Make An Offer Your Prospects Can Not Turn Down

key component of marketing

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Are you aware of the two key components of any marketing campaign? It shouldn't come as any surprise what the first one is because it gets pounded into any marketers head. The headline. The second one is more of a challenge to figure out unless you are a copywriting guru. Although it could be the difference between generating massive sales or scratching your head wondering why no one is interested in your offer.


The second key component to any marketing campaign is the offer. That makes sense doesn't it? In order to generate more sales you have to make an offer your prospects and customers can not refuse. You could be the best writer and have the best product but if your most wanted response doesn't have your prospects and customers anxious to follow your call to action you are losing tons of sales.


To make my point take a look at these two offers.


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These two examples may seem a bit exaggerated but you would be surprised by how many network marketers use the first example. Is it laziness? Perhaps its that they were never taught or coached about marketing your content in the first place.


It makes no difference what you are selling or even giving away. If you are not utilizing the key components in creating an attractive offer there is a good chance you are not generating results.


  • You have to understand the difference between want and need. Most times what a prospect or customer wants is very different from what they need. You need to offer something they want.

  • You need to address early in your marketing campaign; if not right away why they want your offer. Your customers thinking is “what's in it for me”. You need to address that right away because if there is no benefit for them why would they bother with your offer.


Offering a free newsletter, ezine, or consultation is less effective than it once was because people are more impatient these days. They want answers and solutions now. That is why Google became so popular. So you need to guarantee that you can fulfill their wants.



Your marketing campaign has to offer value with low or no risk. This can be accomplished by selling your product for less than than the competition, free trials, money back guarantees, and extra bonuses.


I'm sure you have seen this marketing technique used in the past. Have you ever looked at an offer and clicked on the button “no thanks”? What happens? They offer a slew of free bonus e-books citing the cost savings all for buying into their offer.


Your prospects or customers need to be given good reason to take action. Everyone is in a hurry these days and with high speed internet and the back button if they don't take action now they probably will forget about your offer unless they bookmarked your offer because you did a great job of pre-selling. The odds of that are low so I wouldn't count on it. They need to given a bona fide reason to act now. There are several techniques for doing this. Make your offer on a limited time basis, limited availability, set a limit on the number of offers at the special price, bonuses, sell them on why procrastinating will be their loss, etc.



Whatever you do don't jeopardize your credibility by not following through with the your promise. If your marketing campaign offer is on a limited time basis be sure to make it limited.


Go ahead; start marketing your content and put a marketing campaign together by following these guidelines. You don't need to use all of them in your offer. Just make them an offer they can not turn down.

Success has a simple formula: do your best, and people may like it. Sam Ewing

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