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MLM Blog Secrets A Review

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There's been quite a bit of buzz lately about MLM Blog Secrets so I figured maybe it would best to give you my take and a quick review of the new system. If your building an online business with an MLM or even as an affiliate marketer blogging is the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to make money.

Having said that....I wouldn't go running off and start a blog and expect to sit back and count your money. Like anything else there's a right way and a wrong way about doing it. MLM Blog Secrets is a system that was created by Ty Tribble who is one of the top 100 MLM bloggers on the planet. That's one good reason to read on.

Who Is Ty Tribble?

Ty is a founding partner for EIRO Research which is one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in the world. He got his feet wet in network marketing back in 1992 with Amway who in 1999 changed their name to Quixtar. He and his wife worked their Amway business the only way they knew how. Working 3-4 nights a week, having home meetings/presentations, and utilizing their “warm market.”

In 2002 he met a former Amway diamond member who had resigned in protest of the tools and training. Diamond members made the bulk of their income from training systems. So he jumped ship and began building a passport business utilizing the training that he learned from his new friend.

Within 6 months Ty was the top recruiter, team builder, and earner for the company. He entertained adding liquid nutritional products to the passport business and heard good things about Univera. He felt that they were well positioned for massive growth so in December of 2002 he joined Univera.

Within 10 days he qualified as a Platinum Associate and was the fastest in their 10 year history to qualify at that rank. Business was good. Unfortunately, 18 months later, Univera went through some major changes that affected all associates dropping their incomes by close to 60%.

At about this time Ty got into network marketing consulting and training. That's when he got a call from EIRO Research who was looking for founding partners. Ty and EIRO hit it off from the get go and since he has had over 5000 advancements helped 30 people achieve BMW’s in the Winner’s Circle luxury car program (EIROdrive) and grew by 650% in the first 11 months.

What Does This Have To Do With MLM Blog Secrets

Everything. You see these accomplishments, which are astounding, never would have became possible had it not been for his persistence with blogging. In network marketing, building up a brand around yourself is vital and it requires giving your visitors quality information that they can utilize and attracting them along the sales process without hard selling.

How do you do this? That's what MLM Blog Secrets is all about. You don’t get into the top 100 bloggers list if you don’t know a little about attraction marketing through blogging. In the blogging for prospects videos below, Ty reveals how a simple blog helped him achieved this and how you can do it too. Ty says you can do it even if you hate to write or don’t know how to put a blog together.

See the videos here

In one of these videos Ty created a white board session that shows you how to get a years worth of traffic to your blog in 30 days. In the same video, his 9 year old son, Tyler is going to teach you a technique that he learned from Internet marketing legend, Frank Kern.

MLM Blog Secrets teaches you:

  • How to use “OPC” (other peoples content) to develop relationships with potential buyers and business-builders
  • The best way to make someone comfortable about giving you their name and email address
  • How to target open-minded prospects on Twitter who live in your local neighborhood
  • How to keep your visitors on your blog longer and anxious to return
  • How to use a blog to monetize, recruit, and make endless sales
  • And much, much more!
Who Is MLM Blog Secrets For?

Anyone who wants to build an online business for long term growth. Anyone who has never had a blog before (your in the best position) and anyone who wants to learn the new strategies and techniques for high rankings and tons of traffic.

MLM Blog Secrets is an outstanding method to start generating leads for yourself online, without the risk of losing money with paid advertising.

As with all systems there are some downsides and MLM Blog Secrets is no different. You will not learn how to do keyword research . You will not learn how to fix technical issues, and you will not learn how to optimize your pages for keyword density.

For the technical issues, keyword research, and optimization you need to contact me for a free consultation. Together we can use the MLM Blog Secrets tools and my experience to get your blog the highest rankings possible for your niche.

Success has a simple formula: do your best, and people may like it. Sam Ewing

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