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Network Marketing Business Online vs Traditional Home Based Network Marketing - Which Do You Prefer?

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network marketing business onlineWhich would you prefer to do. Own a network marketing business online or trying to compete in the “bricks and mortar”environment? A business that is powered by the internet is a traffic generating machine, which makes it a perfect medium for internet network marketing. For the majority, its much easier to make money online as an internet network marketer than it is trying to do the same as a home based network marketer.


I, for one, don't want to make “cold calls” to a names list, corner my family and friends about my network marketing business, and definitely don't want to go through the troubles of having a Grand Opening at my home. Truth is, many people are turned off by those sorts of things which is why home based network marketing is perceived with a negative impact. Most people don't possess high energy rah rah lets go conquer the world type of enthusiasm and many have no sales skills.

But guess what....Having a network marketing business online is much different. You can have a blog, website, or even free internet presence. Add an autoresponder to perform most of your follow up tasks and never close the shop. Your network marketing business would be open around the clock and around the globe.

With a few inexpensive tools and some copy writing knowledge it wouldn't matter if your mlm downline or prospects were from your home town or over seas. Your network marketing business online opportunity has endless opportunities.

There is no comparison to a traditional home based network marketing business and an online network marketing business. Geographically you are limited with a home based business as opposed to using the internet which has no boundaries.

Live in a rural area? Have limited social contacts through your day job? Don't like giving health and wealth surveys at the local market? Tired of listening to rejection or making follow up calls? Using the internet solves all these problems in a non aggressive way.

Training a downline is a breeze once you initially set up your autoresponder and its readily available to every single new recruit and it works on auto pilot. Heck you could be playing golf or spending a special day with your family while your network marketing business is working for you through e-mail services. The same holds true for recruiting with the exception of responding to e-mail inquiries and the occasional call for training help.

One of the main reasons that roughly 98% of new home based network marketing recruits fail is the inability to duplicate success. Most network marketing companies offer little if any training to new distributors, they leave that task to their MLM upline sponsor who probably received little if any training themselves. So what your left with is the blind leading the blind. Not a good formula.

The multi level marketing business is huge and it will continue to grow even through rough economic downturns as long as top notch training is available to new recruits. Whatever your opportunity is matters little as long as you believe in it and are passionate about it.

Its diversified training that will take your marketing business to the next level. We're not talking about “tunnel vision” training here. We're talking about learning every possible training and marketing technique available. Then and only then incorporating the techniques that you feel comfortable with, are good at, and exploiting the internet to its fullest potential. Makes sense doesn't it?

Side bar: women in network marketing comprise of over 80% of all network marketers.

So how are you going to do it? Remember you are not stepping on your upline sponsors toes and you are not being lured from your opportunity. Once you master the skills your upline sponsor will be grateful and who knows possibly they will want to learn the training from you.

You are going to learn how to use

  • social networking for business.
  • create a web of content.
  • profitable keywords in your content.
  • optimize content for the search engines.
  • link content for the benefit of the search engines and your network marketing business.
  • free content management systems to create your web of content.
  • build a blog.
  • write for the internet.
  • article marketing for business.
  • video marketing.
  • create your own lead capture pages.
  • e-mail marketing techniques.
  • build a content website.
You are going to learn all of this and more through video tutorials and by downloading the Attraction Marketing Manifesto Special Report right now. After you devour the manifesto you will become professionals in your niche and your network marketing business will soar with the eagles.

Special Prize Read the entire Thank You page for free access to the best online tutorial training on the planet and for a buck you can sample the Renegade Network Marketer. Shhh! Don't tell anyone that I mentioned this.

Warning this e-book is 77 pages long. If you are a seasoned attraction network marketer you can skip down to page 46 to learn more. Skim reading this book is not going to solve your problems. If you prefer you can copy the audio version to CD and listen to the book. Running an online business is not an overnight sensation its a process. Learn the process today and take your network marketing business online to a new level.

Success has a simple formula: do your best, and people may like it. Sam Ewing

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