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Niche Research Tools

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The 3 key elements to starting an online business are learning how to use niche research tools, keyword research tools and planning. Have you been going broke purchasing the newest greatest research tools? Have you defined the most profitable website concept for your online business? Have you created a site blueprint on which to build your business?

Building an online business is not an overnight sensation. It takes time, patience and research. If you possess these qualities and are serious; then the following free research tools will help you achieve your dreams and aspirations.

When you learn how to use Google's niche research tools and keyword research tools you'll have a jump on the competition within your niche and find your content ranking highly in the search engine result pages.

One of the most unforgettable moments in your online business will be finding your keyword phrase and website ranked on page one in Google. It was for me; and I still get excited when I find my content ranked highly in the search results.

Unless you already have an idea or business that you plan on promoting the best place to start is by checking out Google's trends to see what people are searching for most today. This is not the most popular searches - its a record of whats hot today.

goggle trends I'd start out by setting up a spread sheet and naming it something memorable like:

Niche Research Tools Results.

Make notes on topics that you are familiar with and are passionate about. All you're doing right now is defining some niches that you find appealing. If you find some niches of interest in the trends add them to your list.

Once you've built a list of half dozen or a dozen potential niches log into Google and do a search for each keyword or keyword phrase. This is where I'm going to show you one of the coolest niche research tools.

For demonstration purposes lets pick the niche keyword computer repair. Log in to Google, type computer repair in the search box and click Google Search.

google options

Now click the options tab in the upper left corner.

And here's Google's niche research tools cool wonder wheel. Click on wonder wheel now.

wonder wheel

Notice how the main keyword/niche is the hub of the wheel and there are 8 spokes connected to the wheel. These are more great keywords that you may want to use in your website or blog. In this demonstration and research exercise Computer Repair is the main theme.

niche research tools

The spokes represent sub topics or future tiers/pages. If any of these keywords appeal to you for your site add them to a new column in your niche research tools spreadsheet. Sometimes you may find a keyword phrase from one of the spokes that interest you even more than your main theme. Possibly it would make a better niche. Add it to your first list and repeat the process.

niche research

The wonder wheel will dig even deeper into this potential niche by simply clicking one of the spokes for a new wheel. The wonder wheel does not narrow down the keyword popularity. It is only a tool for finding more related keywords to the main search term.
keyword research

Next go back to your niche research tools spreadsheet and do a Google search for each keyword phrase wrapped in quotes. In the upper right hand side of the page will be a number representing the search volume for that keyword phrase as a direct match.

niche tools results

Start a new column in your spreadsheet and record the results for each keyword phrase. Now add each keyword phrase into Google's Keyword Tool. Observe the search volume for each keyword and if you find more keywords that are related to your niche that interest you add them to your list. Be sure to check the search volume on these words too.

keyword tool

The final step would be to figure out who your real competition is. You can find that information by reading my article on keyword popularity research.

The goal in using niche research tools is to find keywords that are high in demand ( search volume) and low in supply.

You now should have a nice list of potential niche keywords, sub keywords ( tier 2 pages) and the information needed to weed and prune your list leaving you with a website blueprint.

All that's left for you to do is start writing keyword focused content and who knows you may find your content listed number one in Google as early as next week.

Building an online business is a process. Keyword research and niche research are essential steps that you need to take. The time you spend now will pay huge dividends down the road.

If you've ever considered having your own website I highly recommend Site Build It. Their keyword research, niche research, and on page analyzing tools are the best in the business. I use them myself and am more than satisfied with their service. Its worth looking into even if your not ready to get started today.

SBI comes with a 30 day money back guarantee plus they prorate the guarantee just in case you aren't satisfied beyond the 30 days. Take it for a test drive today!

Have any questions? Ask another SBI owner using the online form or call them direct.

Anyone who becomes an SBI owner through this site will have my unyielding help and support throughout the site building process and beyond. I am not a veteran webmaster but I am very good at attraction marketing and communication.

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Success has a simple formula. Do your best and people may like it....Sam Ewing

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