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Having Your Own Online Website Business As A Network Marketer Is A Must

Most people who join a network marketing company do not have their own online website business. They use the website their mlm company gives them and just refer people to that.

To make this work you need to be have direct contact with a prospective customer or distributor in person or on the phone.

The problem with this is that you have no way to make your website your own unique creation. You can still build a downline of distributors and you may even build a large enough group to make average or above average money.

A select few will go on to make huge amounts of money and retire on the residual income they are earning for the rest of their lives.

The benefit of having your own website is that you can develop it around keywords that will get you high ranking with the search engines.

If for some reason 6 months or 1 year, or at some time in the future you drop out of the network marketing company you are with you will still have your website that you can continue to develop and monetize off it on your terms.

As long as you are providing fresh content to your website on a consistent basis this becomes an investment in your future.

Your own online website business and learning how to build a web page gives you freedom in your business you would not otherwise have. Because of the internet you can promote more than one product or service and you can do it on one website.

The trick is to build a niche website that you can develop into a business with many different programs and products.

Because the internet is here to stay and it offers many marketing advantages offline marketing does not, eventually everyone is going to have to learn how to use it.

Having your own online website business as a network marketer is a must. It is a very handy tool, and when you learn the skills, you will be glad that you have one. Maybe not to rely on 100% but to use as another way to help build your business.

The problem is most people do not know how to build websites. They do not know how to drive traffic to them. And for the most part they don't want to learn.

The lesson...... get yourself your own website .

How you apply it is up to you. Just be smart about it and don't ignore offsite methods which would blend well with onsite dynamics.

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