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Have You Brainstormed A Passive Income Roadmap?

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Are you looking for a passive income roadmap for you and your family? Who isn't! Are you feed up with living paycheck to paycheck week in and week out? Do you feel like you are never going to get caught up? Are you tired of hearing false promises? Do you have faith that there is a better way?

By reading this article you will learn about a proven passive income roadmap that you can start today if you so desire. I'll have to warn you that this is going to take some brain power on your part and you have to be motivated. If you possess these qualities and want to create a passive income roadmap for yourself then read on.

Before we get started there is one thing that I have to say and that is: Your passive income roadmap is going to take time to pave. Be patient, be passionate, and be positive.

Words you will not read
  • Get Rich Quick
  • Quit Your Day Job
  • Guaranteed Success
  • Simple and Easy
  • Cut and Paste

Once you have your passive income roadmap in place and it is working for you it will generate enough income to cover your necessary monthly expenses. The best part is, since its on the internet, it will continue to generate income indefinitely.

A few years ago I was just getting started in network marketing and was getting real frustrated with the guidance; or lack there of that I was getting from my upline. Their marketing methods didn't match my personality and the purchased leads that they endorsed was a joke. So I was searching for a better way or I was going to bail. Thats when my passive income roadmap started to take shape.

I might add before we continue this works not only for network marketers but for any type of business because its about earning passive income while you concentrate on your main business. Your passive income roadmap will be working for you in the background.

For me it all started with The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing e-book. Now this book is primarily about why old school methods used by network marketers to generate income is ineffective. Since I was in a network marketing business and was struggling it hit home. It was the solution to my problem. There are other posts on this blog about The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing so I won't go into a lot of detail about it here.

Anyway this is what lead me to the real passive income roadmap that I still follow today. Once I discovered that I could actually get paid for targeted traffic, build a network, and earn passive income without even promoting a product I was intrigued. Enter The Renegade Network Marketer. This is a must read book that explains the process and theory behind marketing online. You learn how to become a solutions provider and attract targeted traffic to your business or opportunity. Near the end of the book is the golden nugget that you will use as your passive income roadmap.

The system is like a massive affiliate hub. What you do is sign up for the affiliate programs from the back office. These are affiliate programs that are trustworthy, popular, and related to network marketing. The sign up process is a bit time consuming but its well worth it. If you find that these programs are related to your business model and would be of use to your target market you add a text link to the products. If someone purchases the product you earn a commission. This is basic affiliate marketing. The advantage is your affiliate codes are all stored in your account in the back office.

The system only costs $67.00 and thats a one time fee. Plus you have resale rights to the book. When someone purchases the system from your unique URL you earn a commission ($33.50). The real cool part is when one of your customers purchases a product or even sells a product you also earn a commission without even promoting it. This system sells itself because of the value in the information e-book, so you will continue to earn passive income indefinitely.

Had it not been for the Renegade System I never would have heard about Site Build It which is how I built my first website. Another totally value packed system on which to build your passive income roadmap and actually build an online business.

Guess what! The passive income roadmap rolls on because there's even more. Not long ago the Renegade System branched off to a new and powerful system that puts traditional marketing to shame. This is the missing link. Training. Its so much more than training because you will learn how to create a web of content to attract prospects to you. Their style is so much better than anything you've ever experienced. This is click by click online training. What you do is open another window on your browser and follow along as you build a blog, set up social networking accounts, YouTube, and so much more. Plus the webinars are packed with value. The beauty is you can work at your own pace and its created for all levels of marketers from beginners to veterans. This is where your passive income roadmap is going to shift into high gear.

But these gals and guys are smart. They first get you started in the Renegade University free training which is a nice introduction into what you can expect. Just more value, over 8 hours of webinars, and they even get you creating content online for free. Once you feel comfortable to move on you can upgrade to the famous Renegade Professional.

Remember all those affiliate programs that you signed up for in The Renegade Network Marketer? Well with a click of a link you can upload them all to the Renegade Professional. So now your passive income roadmap is working for you in 2 separate systems simultaneously.

The Renegade Professional is always adding something new and growing in size so there is no end to the top notch training that is available. But its more than training. You need to have an even mix of action and training. When I say top notch training that is an underestimation. Last I knew their team had around 50 trainers including: Ann Sieg, Mike Klingler, Barbara Silva, Melanie Milletics, Deborah Marsden, Eric Walker, Dean Caporella, and they recently started a copywriting coarse with the worlds best copywriting coach David Garfinkel.

This is, in my opinion, the best and easiest way to create a passive income roadmap. Just the other day I was poking around the back office at Renegade professional and discovered 5 more leads that were generated for the webinar series on coaching conducted by Barbara Silva. I don't remember promoting it because I've been busy on other projects. But it was still nagging me how I generated those leads. Then I remembered writing an e-mail to one of my lists using icontact. For some reason I made that e-mail available to the icontact community which is also search able online and that's how I generated the leads. Then just for fun I went to the Renegade System back office and saw that I earned a $78.80 commission on the copywriting course. That came from one of my referrals who decided to order the course.

Get your passive income into motion and start creating multiple streams of income today!

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