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Problems In Network Marketing

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One of the main problems in network marketing is they fail to effectively train you to be a marketer. Their main objective is, for obvious reasons, to have you go out and make sales. They want/need more people selling their products so their training leans on the recruiting end rather than on core business building strategies. Making sales is the end result that you want but if you don't know how to effectively market you will surely face failure.

If you've ever been in an MLM you will identify with the problems in network marketing and how they lure and almost deceive you into believing that you have just found the pot of gold. Most new recruits have little or no experience in running a business so their network marketing company has them in the palm of their hands.

The next thing you know you are purchasing leads from them, paying in upwards to $25.00/month for a replicated website; which is no different from the thousands of others on the internet, spending an hour a day twice a week in conference calling trainings, etc.,etc.

I remember when I signed up for my first MLM and the picture that was painted in their pitch. Much to my surprise before I even made a sale they wanted to promote me to supervisor. I was like, wow! They must have a lot of faith in me. In all my working years I never got a promotion within the first week.

Then they hit me with the catch. It'll cost you $2500.00. But you will be sent $2500.00 worth of product to sell which you can double your money on. You see at the distributor level I would make 25% but supervisor was a whopping 50%. So, I had to pay for a promotion.

So, here I am with no sales and yet another major expense to consider. That wasn't a decision that needed to be slept on. I realized that I wasn't only a representative of THE COMPANY I was a customer that my upline was trying to monetize off of.

This scenario is one of the major problems in network marketing. They focus too much on the sale and not enough on their representatives. Even though their sales pitch was “we will help you build your business”. Their replicated website is nothing more than a glorified sales page which you have no control over and have no way to monetize off in other ways. Not to mention it's branding your company and not you.

You can fix your problems in network marketing and find much success when you learn how to brand yourself as a business by educating your visitors/prospects on the benefits; keeping their best interests in mind. They don't care about you; they want to know how you are going to solve their problem. Once you get that mindset and learn solid business marketing techniques you will:

  • Generate leads, prospects, and customers for free
  • Be seen as a true professional
  • Have prospects coming to you asking for more information
  • And build an income producing team because you are a leader

The best marketers that I know provide education based material, seek outside training, and put their customers needs first.

Be a smart marketer and fix your problems in network marketing by downloading this educational based special report today!

Success has a simple formula: do your best, and people may like it. Sam Ewing

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Reader Comments (1)

Thank you James,

I got a real kick out of the report and since I'm just getting started I think this will help me a lot.

I even went on to the system thanks to your useful information here on this site. If I need any help

I'll be contacting you if that's okay!

March 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCharles Jablonski

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