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The Renegade Funded Proposal - How To Earn Passive Income And Get Paid For Your Marketing Efforts


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The Renegade Funded Proposal is a system that was made possible by attraction marketing expert and author Ann Sieg. What makes this system so attractive is that it focuses on network marketing and business building from a different angle. There are several benefits to the renegade funded proposal, of course, the main benefit is what you will learn about being an information and solutions provider to attract quality prospects to you.

Ann teaches theory and process differently from anyone else in the network marketing world. She details everything she teaches and shows you exactly how to be a successful marketer, why you should do this, and why you should not do that.


When I first met Ann I was totally new to network marketing “ a real green horn” and boy was I wasting time and money. I often wonder why I didn't quit this business because it was so frustrating and I was listening to all the wrong people. I'm referring to traditional MLM techniques to build a network marketing business.


The Renegade Funded Proposal changed all that because of what I learned and the doors that it opened up. It's an affiliate program/system unique to most affiliate programs because it targets anyone who has a product, service, or work from home business and it's a two tiered program with lifetime commissions.

When you purchase the Renegade Network Marketer e-book and start to learn the process you get resell rights to the book branded with your unique URL including your name. You receive a 50% commission on the sales you make ($33.50) and an additional 10% from sales made by your downline.

But there is much more and this is what is most attractive about the system from an income earning standpoint. The back office has affiliate partners related to network marketing that you can sign up for right from the back office. Signing up to be an affiliate of these programs should be one of your first action steps. When someone from your downline makes a purchase through one of these programs you earn an affiliate commission. This gives you multiple streams of income working for you passively.



This is the best purchase I have ever made, and it is worth far more than you charged! I expect to reread the book over and over and over again. Nothing before has given me such a clear picture of what MLM is all about. I have spent a fortune on materials, and this is, far and away, the best investment I have ever made. WOW !

Raymond Earl Watson


Once you read The Renegade Funded Proposal and realize the value learned from the e-book you will know why making sales is not a difficult task. Two sales and you own the system for nothing. I managed to do this when I first started without having a blog or website. I threw together a few ads and posted them on craigslist and within less than 2 weeks I owned the system for free and made money.


The system comes with a 90 day money back no questions asked guarantee so you can't lose. Its funny because I have present customers who opted out of the e-book to get a refund and later, through other marketing techniques, had the same customer opt back in. The usual response I get from them is it seemed like too much information overload.

The truth is 80% of the people who purchase the e-book never log into the included free Renegade System because it isn't explained until the last chapter. I have to admit it is a long e-book (144 pages) but its also in audio format so you can burn a cd and listen to Ann Sieg read the book to you while you run errends. Skipping to the last chapter would be like trying to take finals in College without attending any classes.

If you are serious about your network marketing business, are willing, and able to take the neccessary steps then this proposal is for you. When you purchase the e-book from this blog I will be available to help you understand the process and brainstorm ideas to help your business grow. You'll learn more about building relationships and trust with your cusomers when you read the book. Its too bad so few internet network marketers know about this. Or better yet maybe thats a good thing. Its pure genius.


There's more to the back office than just affiliate partners. You can and should track your marketing efforts. The system makes tracking effortless. What you do is go to the tracking module and create a unique code into the system. Then simply add that unique code to the end of your URL and voila the system tracks hits, visits, optins, and conversions. This way you know what is and what is not working.

The reports module tracks your sales for both affiliates and sub affiliates but it will not track your sales from the affiliate partners. You need to keep track of those separately through their website. I would recommend setting up a file on your computer to keep track of affiliate partners websites addresses, user names, passwords, and affiliate ids. Its a real pain if you have to go back and search for them.


What I like about the reports module is it shows me if my downline has signed up for the back office affiliate programs. If they haven't then they aren't utilizing the full potential of the system. So I give them a friendly nudge explaining that becoming an affiliate of these programs is not about their business model. The real money is made by purchases made by your downline and some are monthly subscriptions. For instance: You may not be intereted in using Aweber for e-mail marketing but your downline might. Doesn't mean you have to openly promote Aweber just become an affiliate and earn monthly commissions while you concentrate on your primary business model. Like I said Genius!




Within 45 minutes of reading The Renegade Network Marketer book I realized you had just summed up the last six months of struggle that I have had learning how to do what Ann had just put together in one place. I have spent 6 months and $25,000 learning how to be an internet marketer, and here comes Ann for $67 and teaches me everything I had to get from other sources here and there piecemeal.

Andre L


Take it for a test drive today! You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Procrastination won't make you an attractive marketer. The Renegade Funded Proposal will.

Success has a simple formula: do your best, and people may like it. Sam Ewing

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