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Renegade Professional Testimonials

I’ve been an entrepreneur in the offline world for many years and it wasn’t until I found your book “The 7 Great Lies” by way of SBI and Ken Envoy that it became crystal clear that the Internet would become the next great frontier for entrepreneurship.

From there I was introduced to Mike Klingler and Renegade University, and I gotta tell you I’m definitely NOT the most technical person in the world but Mike was able to break this stuff down in a way that even I could understand.

I still have technical issues from time to time but I know that help is always around the corner by way of the Renegade community and others that I have met within the network marketing industry.

And I agree; Mike Klingler is the perfect example of giving without want. And he continues to ,as you say, “invest himself freely into other people” when he could if he wanted to at this point ride off into the sunset. It was good to have him back yesterday at the Renegade Super Guides webinar, he’s truly a leader.

We’ll all be waiting anxiously on the future developments you guys have planned moving forward with Renegade Professional, I’m honored to be a part of this.

Kevin Thomas


Since Renegade Professional launched over 2 months ago, I have made an additional $7,000 with just over $2,000 of it being a monthly RESIDUAL income!

For anyone looking to ATTRACT prospects to them, in a short amount of time, YOU NEED the “click by click” video training that Renegade Professional has to offer.

Spencer Iacono


Ahh, I did so much training today I have an earache! LOL Tomorrow it’s time to implement some action! Thanks for a wonderful training platform. It truly is worth every penny!



Here’s a fun success story. I joined Renegade Professional a year ago and have plugged away at studying the videos and developing content on a very slow basis because I also work full time and have a family.

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I got notified that I had made a sale that had a commission of nearly $100. What is surprising is I have not promoted the product at all! It is simply an affiliate link in the Renegade Professional System. The system works for you!

On another note, I have found the training in the system to help me in my corporate career which is in sales and marketing. So the system and training works not only for network marketers, but also for traditional businesses. As a matter of fact, I am now teaching blogging classes to small businesses.

What a great Plan B for these economic times! Thank you Ann and Mike for putting together such a comprehensive training system that allows you to earn income while you learn.

Carla Clayton


I truly appreciate all you’ve done with Renegade Professional. You could easily charge much more than just $49.95/month for this product…

I’ve plugged Renegade Pro into my entire team, and they’ve never been more excited. My team has a LOT of success stories already.

Thank you for everything, and I very much look forward to continued excellence from the flat out best internet network marketing training out there - Renegade Professional.

PS - Despite being “full time” for over 1 year now, I’ve struggled to create a blog for the past 3 years. In just 4-5 hours in the blogging section of Renegade Professional - following Mike Klingler step by step - I had a VERY nice looking blog, which is getting better by the hour!

Jason Cardamone


I have a personal story here…

It all started back in March of 2008. I wasn’t a Renegade Professional yet. In fact, I hadn’t even heard of your book, The Renegade Network Marketer.

I had no content on the internet, no nothing. I didn’t know anything either.

Blogging? Didn’t know what that really was. Video? I had heard of Youtube - hadn’t even visited their site though. Social Media? I didn’t use that word. I think I just called it “MySpace.” (silly me)

But I did have a fire inside me that could burn dark holes through locked doors.

I found Mike Dillard’s book, Building on a Budget and made the purchase - it was my first experience being a consumer during a launch. When that book came in the mail, I read it cover to cover in an afternoon. I was on my couch with a highlighter and a notebook.

It was there that I learned about blogging and video and social media and capture pages and WHAT it all was. And boy! I was excited to get started. I was ready to build my internet empire.

So the next day, I grabbed that book again, opened to page one and went to the computer - all ready and set to go…

And I froze.

I stared at the computer for most of the afternoon, and for most of the next day, and the day after that, etc. etc. I had no idea HOW to create a blog. No idea HOW to create video.

Building on a Budget had given me a taste of WHAT to do, and it made sense, but I had no idea - I mean NO CLUE how to start.

Another month passed and then I found Renegade University (and inside Renegade University I picked up The Renegade Network Marketer). From there, the natural progression was to upgrade to Renegade Professional.

And halaluiah! Mike Klingler’s blogging for beginners was just what I needed - step by step and click by click. I remember coming home from school with a sandwich and pulling up to the computer.

I’d open two browsers: One with Mike going click for click and explaining how to set up a blog, and the other one was Me actually doing what Mike said to do. For me, if a video was about 60 minutes long, I’d budget 90 to 120 minutes of time because I set up my blog (and other things like a capture page and my email sequences and how to use windows movie maker, etc) on the fly, as I went through it.

And what a feeling it was to see what I had accomplished so fast, such quick results. I’m not talking about the kind of results where I got 250 visitors to my blog in a day kind of results (that came later).

I’m talking the kind of results where I’d sit back at the end of the evening and say to myself, OK, I can do this. This blog is coming along and it looks pretty good. I’m excited to work on this again tomorrow.

And when “tomorrow” came, I’d pull up to the computer again with my sandwich and about 90-120 minutes of my time budgeted toward “work.”

Then I’d “work with Mike” on my blog again. It wasn’t more than about two weeks and I had a real blog, a real blog! And so it went…My next step after that was to create a capture page. I used the same process. Then my next step was to create a set of emails that went with that capture page. Same process. At the end of about 90-120 days, I had my own marketing funnel.

And guess what? It stunk! Hah!

Yup, there were more holes in than Swiss, so I started all over again, slowly replacing the bad parts with better parts. And again, I used those videos, but instead of needing 90-120 minutes, I only needed about 60.

So it goes. Onwards and upwards! Thanks for letting me share my story.

Eric Walker


Although there are many networker marketers thriving with the methods taught within Renegade Professional, and the training is often framed for the network marketer, there is a growing number of real estate agents, acupuncturists, chiropractors, traditional brick and mortar and small business owners who utilize Renegade Professional.

In fact, what Renegade Professional does best is help people who need each other find each other and empower you to communicate and develop a relationship with another human being based on their needs and not yours.

And that’s attraction marketing to the core!

Renegade Professional does NOT provide article content that is unique to your industry, they go one step better than that…they teach you how to write article content unique to your industry.


click here to join the Renegade Professional.

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