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The Renegade University Free Training - What The Buzz Is All About

Welcome to the Renegade University free training information page. Chances are you're here because you want to take your online business to the next level but you still don't know how to go about it. Or perhaps your being a smart marketer and want to follow a proven path one step at a time. Whatever your reasons, you are in good company. If you were sent to this page from my email link click here to jump down.

The Renegade University Free Training Has An Interesting History.

Mike Klingler, who is rapidly becoming a household name in the network marketing circles, created the Renegade University after reading Ann Siegs controversial Ebook The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing. Her book reached out to frustrated network marketers who were struggling in their MLM business using a business model that was ineffective.

Ann's not afraid to speak her mind and since she was once a frustrated network marketer herself she felt it was high time that the world knew that there was a better, more effective way to be a network marketer.

Her intent was not to “bash” the network marketing industry but rather their marketing strategies. Thanks to her book it opened a whole new perspective where network marketers could build “real businesses” without feeling owned by their MLM Company.

After reading the book Mike was convinced that he needed to know more so he purchased the accompanying The Renegade Network Marketer Ebook which goes into detail about the process and theory behind, what is now known as, Attraction Marketing.

But Mike realized that something was missing. People were having problems implementing the concept into their businesses. Ann's business model revolves around the internet and a lot of the people who purchased her book lacked basic computer and internet knowledge, so they never followed through with what she was teaching.

They didn't know how to effectively create an attractive presence online that would have customers and prospects coming to them. So a lot of them dropped out because they became so overwhelmed and frustrated, her whole purpose of the book was to help them avoid these feelings.

So Mike brainstormed The Solution

The Renegade University Free Training

Mike had a plan for the Renegade University Free Training site but he first wanted to try to teach certain members of his team the process, theory, and principles of attraction marketing. Mike has a natural ability to teach and he is a master. What he found was that his team members were having some difficulties grasping the concept.

It falls into the category of you can't teach an old dog new tricks. They were so accustomed to the old school methods of cold calling, names list, and prospecting that they still had a hard time “getting it”. It was difficult for Mike to teach them everything they needed to learn from Ann's 147 page Ebook.

When he introduced them to the book it was like night and day. All of a sudden everything that he was teaching his team made sense. So Mike knew that The Renegade Network Marketer Ebook was going to be the course book that the Renegade University free training site would be built around. With Mikes teaching skills; anybody, no matter what level of marketing or computer skills they have, will learn how to attract targeted business to them.

This was a major break for the Renegade University free training concept and Mike took the bull by the horns, so to speak, and has since helped thousands of internet network marketers build profitable online website business.

For obvious reasons the University encourages people to read the book and when they do schools open. The Renegade University takes the knowledge learned from the book and teaches people how to apply the principles online. It gets you into action from day one.

One huge misconception is that the Renegade University free training site is only for MLMers. The principles of attraction marketing should be used for all online businesses. And its more than just keywords and search optimization. Content is the motor that will drive your business.

The University will introduce you to many methods for attracting business online from blogs to video to content management systems. Then it will show you how to link all this together to attract targeted prospects to your content. With over 8 hours of valuable webinars and online tutorial training its no wonder the Renegade University free training site is so popular.

The Renegade University is the next step in a designed process to help you avoid getting overwhelmed. Work at your own pace, its not a race. You will soon discover what separates Mike Klingler from the rest of the marketing coaches online.

When you master the Renegade University you will be ready for the Grand Daddy of them all the subscription Renegade Professional. And yes, Mike will be your tutorial trainer there as well.

Renegade Professional Social marketing
The screenshot above is the first half of Phase I in the Social Marketing Section of Renegade Professional.

As your active team leader my aim is your business being successful. So, I have one word of caution. Do not join the Renegade Professional Subscription Training Site until you have completed all of the Renegade University free training. This is the what I like to call pre-season training. I've seen too many people blast through the University only to get overwhelmed when they move to the next level. How to avoid common Renegade University issues.

The Professional is an intense massive training program that will make your jaw drop just at the mere sight of it the first time you view it. It takes months to complete and years to master. I learn something new everyday and if you don't your not marketing and training.

If you don't have your Renegade University Free Training account follow the link.

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