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Satellite TV Technician

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There is a lot more to being a Satellite TV Technician than some may think. If your perception is to just throw up a dish, run some wires, and plug in the receiver; you are very wrong.

I have vivid memories of my first day in class with the subcontracting company, which has a 20% installation market for Directv, that I work for. First was being introduced to Human Resources and going through Company policies and paperwork. Then the books: “New Hire Training Addendum” and “Directv New Hire Installation Training Participation Guide”. Folks, these are not pamphlets by any stretch of the imagination. These are about how to become a Satellite TV Technician, how the systems work, and why the systems work.

  1. Satellites
    • What is a Satellite?
    • Geosynchronous Orbits
    • Satellite Locations
    • CONUS and Spot Beams
    • Up-Linking and Down-Linking
    • Transponders and Bandwidth
    • Left and Right Circular Polarization
    • Frequency
    • Signal Loss
    • Solar Outages
  2. Cables and Connectors
    • Coaxial Cable
    • How Coaxial Cable Works
    • Properties of RG6 Cable
    • Effects of Using Staples To Mount Cable
    • Preparing RG6 Cable
    • Weatherizing Outdoor F-Connectors
  3. Dish Assembly
    • Parts Of A Satellite Dish
    • Setting The Elevation and Tilt
    • Signal Loss
  4. Site Survey
    • Determining A Clear Line of Site
    • Locating An NEC Approved Grounding Source
    • Choosing The Best Mounting Location
    • Cable Routing
    • Location of Receivers and Phone Jacks
    • Building Construction
  5. Aligning And Peaking The Dish
    • Using A Signal Level Meter
    • Pointing The Dish with An inclinometer
    • Peaking The Elevation
    • Peaking The Azimuth
  6. Cable Routing
    • Discretely Routing Cable
    • Attaching Cable To The Structure
    • Drip Loops and Service Loops
    • Safe Point Of Entry
    • Weather Sealing Point Of Entry
    • Wall Boxes and Plates
    • Wall Fishing
  7. Telephone Lines
    • Why A Phone Line Is Necessary
    • Installing A Phone Line From The NID
    • Connecting to a Phone Jack
    • Wiring To an Existing jack
    • DSL and VoIP
  8. Receiving Equipment
    • The LNB and How It Works
    • Polarities and Orbital Slots
    • MultiSwitches
    • Standard Receivers
    • Direct Video Recorder Receivers (DVR)
    • High Definition Receivers
    • High Definition DVR Receivers
    • Access Cards
  9. Customer Education
    • Using The Remote Control
    • Setting Channel Banner
    • Quick Menu
    • Parental Controls
    • Recording Programs
    • Pay Per View
    • Resetting The Receiver
So. Do you still think being a Satellite TV Technician is as easy as throwing up a dish and running some wires? All of this can be a bit confusing but, in time, with a clear understanding of how the systems work it all makes sense.

As a Satellite TV Technician you need to stay on top of your game. There are constant changes being made such as: directvs swm system. There are certifications that are needed to perform this kind of work. The SBCA National Standards and Testing Program being one of the biggest. Then there is OTARD The OTARD rules prohibit restrictions on a property owner or tenant’s right to install, maintain, or use an antenna to receive video programming from direct broadcast satellites (DBS). In other words everyone has a right to Satellite TV.

What I find most rewarding as a Satellite TV Technician is the “customer interaction”. Before you even ring their doorbell and show them your ID badge you are in a win situation. They want Directv, you have the product, and the look on their faces when they see High Definition come to life on their TV is priceless.

To learn more about Satellite TV from a technicians point of view please contact me or you can always get answers by calling 1-877-235-1656 use promo code 33959.

Success has a simple formula: do your best, and people may like it. Sam Ewing

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