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Who Is Scott Rogers?

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who is scott rogersBefore I got serious about internet marketing I asked myself who is Scott Rogers and why should I listen to what he has to say. My first introduction to Scott was through one of my online mentors Ann Sieg who endorsed him on her Renegade Network Marketer System landing page as a presell testimonial.

At the time I was still in the research stage of how to operate an online business and trying to decide on what I believed to be the best system for my needs. I did check Scott Rogers out and for some unknown reason thought he was full of it.

When I look back on my thought process I realize that, due to my age, there is no way that some whipper snapper youngster could teach me how to run an online business since I already had a successful offline business. The same thought process held true for Mike Klingler and Mike Dillard. both of which have me on their e-mail list and are associated with me.

Who Is Scott Rogers Really?

Well, now that I have gotten to know Scott I realize that he is a family man with a wife and 3 children. He just happened to really grasp Ann Siegs attraction marketing business model and wound up becoming her top affiliate for her system. However, prior to reaching this status he exploded his internet marketing downline from a mere 2-3 new distributors per month to over 15 per month. In the process of his success he realized that the real value for his team was in training. So his focus shifted.

Ann Sieg has a knack for surrounding herself with high quality people who provide added value to her members which is why she recently acquired the services of Scott Rogers to be the Renegade System affiliate manager. Scott brings a ton of value to the table because he's an everyday guy who has been through the struggles.

In a recent webinar that is available for viewing on the members only private forum Scott broke down the Renegade Sales funnel in explicate detail. The Renegade System has changed drastically since he became a member in 2007 and now there are multiple ways to earn passive income and at the same time provide valuable information.

You can see a PDF of the Sales funnel by clicking who is Scott Rogers.

In the webinar Scott made an interesting point about affiliate businesses and how Ann has created over 20 e-mails spanning a year that are automatically sent to your leads with your affiliate link embedded in the links. This is huge because it allows you to concentrate on more important things such as growing your business using the information, strategies, and techniques from The Renegade System.

What makes this sales funnel unique and effective is it offers your prospects an opportunity to test drive the system for 7 days only for $1.00. Plus the free bonuses that are worth over $500.00. Scott Rogers claims that the majority of the people who enter the sales funnel wind up keeping the system because of the pure value.

He also tells you which information products are the best ones to promote. Rather than sending people directly to The Renegade Network Marketer e-book he suggests using The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing and/or The Attraction Marketers Manifesto.

Who Is Scott Rogers And How Will You Benefit From His Knowledge?

Scott Rogers is a valuable asset to anyone who is a member of The Renegade System. His experience, expertise, and drive is unsurpassed. I recall him saying that if you have a good work ethic, are motivated, and have ambition you will be successful by following this system. Do you posses these qualities? It matters little what your business model is. Affiliate marketing, network marketing, product, or service the tools to succeed are here for the taking.

Success has a simple formula: do your best, and people may like it. Sam Ewing

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