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Is your website getting the kind of traffic you hoped for? Considered SEO software to jump start your business? Frustrated because your online business isn't attracting the right target market? Guess what! Nearly every network marketer has "been there done that" which is why you need to read the rest of this article.

Getting targeted traffic to your website or blog is the number one concern of all online businesses. The question is: Can you justify purchasing SEO software and how do you know that it will solve your traffic problems. The truth is getting traffic to your website is first about keywords.

Finding the right keywords that are high in demand and low in supply is what gets you ranked highly with the search engines. Then its a matter of keyword placement and knowing exactly how often to use your specific keyword in your content. Once you get the traffic your on easy street; right? Wrong answer!

Keep in mind that SEO software is about staying on top of the search engines ever changing algorithms. It doesn't write the content for you and it knows nothing about your business. Your job is to write content that is pleasing to your human visitors. If you don't grab your readers attention early on in your content they'll be gone. So, you can have the best SEO software on the planet but if your content doesn't "hit the nail on the head" your wasting your money. Does search engine optimization software teach you how to write content?

Okay, I'm spoiled. You see most of my content ( not all ) is ranked within the first three pages of the search engine results pages. If your content isn't on the first three pages you basically don't exist. How do I do this? In three words Site Build It? Why? Because these guys know search engine optimization, their site building package has SEO software included (for free), they also have wordtracker in their famous Brainstorm It tool and they know a thing or two about content, traffic, and PREselling.

Yea I'm spoiled, I'm also resourceful. Since my SBI website only costs me $299.00 a year I run all my online content through the "Analyze It" tool. This way when when my content passes the test I know it's optimized and ready to go. You see; I don't need an SEO free trial.

I recently did a little research of my own on SEO software to find out how it works. What follows are my findings. In general SEO software offers a variety of tools.....

  • keyword research
  • page optimization
  • link building research
  • competitive research
  • search engine submission
  • and page rank modules

Clearly not all SEO software downloads are created equal. My research began on page one of the Google results for the term SEO software. After all these guys are supposed to be the search engine optimization gurus. If they don't rank on page one would you want to purchase their software?

I picked which has a free SEO software download and which also has a free download.

The webceo download was quick and easy to install. There is a tutorial that explains each module and what it functions.

  1. Find Your Niche
    • Find Keywords
    • Optimize Pages
    • Edit Pages
  2. Promote Your Site
    • Submit URLs
    • Find Link Partners
    • Manage PPC Campaigns
  3. Analyze Your Site
    • Check Rankings
    • Analyze Link Popularity
    • Get Traffic Reports
  4. Maintain Your Site
    • Upload Files over FTP
    • Control Site Quality
    • Monitor Site Uptime

For free SEO software this is a good looking package. It took me awhile to get used to navigating the site but once I figured it out it became easier. The first step is to add your site and upload the tracking code into your website. After your site is stored in the data base you can pick and choose which module to use. I went right for the keyword research tool. My only criticism is it took forever to get the results but then again it is free SEO software.

I next wanted to checkout the actual optimization but I couldn't figure out how to get there so I kept exiting the program and restarting. Then I figured it out. There is a blue go button in the lower left hand corner of the pages. Clicking this button takes you back to the main menu. So I added a few random pages to the module and 3 keywords. On the bottom of the page is a configure link that you need to activate to get the results. I was quite impressed with the in depth on page analysis. The report tells you if your keyword is in the META tag, title, content, links, etc. It even explains the use of stop words such as: and, the, of, or, etc. and why they affect your rankings. All in all I was pleasantly surprised with this SEO software package.

My visit to was educational and helpful. I even submitted my site to 157 search engines with ease. Such as this one Rotating Results Search Engine. Of course my inbox was full confirmation e-mails but it was worth it because my site received traffic from these engines within an hour. My Site Build It software doesn't explain some of the ins and outs of SEO software optimization it just does it automatically so I can concentrate on writing more keyword focused content.

One last thing; the free SEO software will benefit anyone looking to check their pages for accuracy but they also have some more advanced and faster tools for a fee. Here's a breakdown of what they have to offer.

Free /
Free Plus
SmallBiz Professional

Software and premium services pricing

SEO software Free $199 $389
HitLens: Web Analytics, Conversion Rate and ROI Improvement Service 15-day trial / optional optional
BigBrother: Site Uptime Monitoring Service Basic Free/ optional Basic (Free) or Advanced Options Basic (Free) or Advanced Options
Search Engine Pulse: Knowledge Base Updates optional Basic (Free) or Advanced Options Basic (Free) or Advanced Options
Sharing Reports via Client Center Yes Yes Yes
Individual Branding of Shared Reports - - Yes
Weekly Private-label Monitoring Report Yes Yes Yes (reports with no signs of Web CEO)
The Professional and SmallBiz Unleashed editions include all the same functionality as Professional and SmallBiz editions, plus the Professional version of the online Training Course in SEO software and Internet Marketing from the Web CEO University.
Projects Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
License to deliver SEO/SEM Services Using Web CEO - - Yes
Private-label Reports - - Yes
Report Export (.html, .mht, .xls) - Yes Yes
Emailing Reports - Yes Yes
Scheduled report e-mailing to several recipients at once - - Yes
Journal Yes Yes Yes
Support Plan Basic High Priority

Find Your Niche in Search Engines Using Web CEO

1. Find and Select Keywords
Search Keywords per Run 5 50 1,000
Quick competition overview in the built-in browser Yes Yes Yes
Data obtained via the Google Keyword Tool (Keywords, Approx Monthly World Searches, and Annual Search Trend) Yes Yes Yes
Keyword Attractiveness and Competition Analysis . - Yes Yes
Unlimited Keyword Mining from your competitors' pages thru the 'Get Suggestions' tab Yes Yes Yes
Refreshing keyword baskets Yes Yes Yes
2. Get Advice and Insight on Improving Rankings 
Unlimited Number of Web and Local Pages to Analyze Yes Yes Yes
Plain English Advice for General Search Engine Compliance Yes Yes Yes
Plain English Advice for Compliance with Specific Search Engines - Yes Yes
General In-Depth Site and Page Analysis - Yes Yes
Analysis of External (Off-Page) Ranking Factors (Links, Site Theme, Google PR, Alexa TR, Backlinks' Themes) Yes (only general optimization) Yes Yes
Keyword Density Analysis for General Search Engine Compliance Yes (only some page areas) Yes Yes
Keyword Density Analysis for Compliance with Specific Search Engines - Yes Yes
Analyze Your Pages vs. Competition Yes (only general optimization) Yes Yes
Analyze Your Pages vs. Top-10 Pages - - Yes
Search Engine View of Your Pages (generic SE; your browser taken as user-agent) Yes Yes Yes
Search Engine View of Your Pages (specific SEs; SE robots taken as user-agents) - Yes Yes
3. Edit Pages to Obtain High Search Engine Rankings
Analyze and Edit Critical SEO Parameters (Frequency, Prominence Weight) in Important Page Areas Yes Yes Yes
Easy Edit and Access Important Meta Tags Yes Yes Yes
Change Meta Tags on Multiple Pages at One Go Yes Yes Yes
Easy Edit and Access to Page Areas Important for SEO (Page Title, Headings, Alt tags, etc) Yes Yes Yes
Replace Text or Tags in Multiple Pages Yes Yes Yes
Robots.txt Editor for Your Robots File Yes Yes Yes
Xml, Txt, Html and ROR Sitemap Generation, Pages in the Sitemap 100 Unlimited Unlimited
Add ‘Allow’ and ‘Sitemap’ directives to the robots.txt Yes Yes Yes
Check and exclude from your sitemap pages with restrictive Meta tags and robots.txt directives automatically Yes Yes Yes

Promote Your Site Using Web CEO

4. Submit Sites and Pages to Search Engines and Directories 
Submissions Limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Search Engines Available for Automated Submissions 100+ 100+ 100+
Search Engines and Directories Available for Guided Submission 60+ 60+ 60+
Ability to submit to Press Release & News sites, Article directories and Shopping SEs Yes Yes Yes
Ability to submit your blog in the most popular Blog Search Engines and Directories and get registered with several Blog Communities Yes Yes Yes
Ability to Add Own SEs and Directories to The Guided Submission Section Yes Yes Yes
Semi Automatical Guided Submission with Form Auto-filling Feature Yes Yes Yes
Search Engine Compliance Verification Before Submission Takes Place Yes Yes Yes
Full Emulation of Manual Submission (Search Engines Think You Submit by Hand) Yes Yes Yes
5. Increase Your Link Popularity by Finding Link Partners
Search For Potential Partners in the Leading Search Engines Yes Yes Yes
Search for Potential Partners among Sites Linking to Your Competitors' Sites Yes Yes Yes
Detailed Analysis of Potential Partner's META Tags and Site Visibility Before You Start Corresponding Yes Yes Yes
Customizable E-mail Templates Yes Yes Yes
Edit partner contact information – correct any found information - site owner, address, city, country, phone, email Yes Yes Yes
Use your own list of keyword-masks for predefined email generation Yes Yes Yes
Personalized Correspondence Yes Yes Yes
Bulk Correspondence, Sites to Contact 20 Unlimited Unlimited
Automatic Cycle Of Correspondence (with the ability to schedule automatic follow-up messages) Yes Yes Yes
Automated E-mail Address Mining From Potential Partner's Site, Alexa Data and WHOIS Yes Yes Yes
Summary and Reporting Yes Yes Yes
Partner Agreements Monitoring (Backlinks, Link Texts, Google PR etc.) 5 20 Unlimited
Track pages with backlinks and get notified if such a page is dropped by a major search engine Yes Yes Yes
6. Manage Your PPC Campaigns with Paid Engines' Services
Create and Remember Datasets (= login+password) to Access PPC Accounts Yes Yes Yes
Semi-Automatic Logging Into PPC Accounts By Using Datasets Yes Yes Yes
The List of Major and Minor SEs which provide PPC Services 40+ 40+ 40+
Essential Descriptions of the PPC Service Providers (short info necessary to take the first step) Yes Yes Yes

Understand Your Visitors and Improve Conversion Rate and ROI Using Web CEO®

 7. Analyze Trends In Search Engine Rankings
Search Keywords per Run 5 30 Unlimited
Monitor Rankings in Over 600 Search Engines Yes Yes Yes
Monitor Your and Your Competitors Web Site Rankings Yes Yes Yes
Paid search results indication with a special sign for you to separate them from organic positions Yes Yes Yes
Website Saturation Report (check what pages of your site are indexed) Yes Yes Yes
Comparative Website Saturation Report (check how your site is indexed compared to competition) Yes Yes Yes
Analyze Your Search Engine Visibility vs. Competition (Ranking Visibility Score) Yes Yes Yes
Track Your Site Rankings and Competition Changes Over Time (Ranking History) Yes Yes Yes
The Advanced Position History report (shows search engine position changes for all keywords and in all search engines) Yes Yes Yes
Monitor Rankings via API for Higher Security and Safety (Google, etc.) Yes Yes Yes
Cloning Browsers and User-Agent Types to Fully Protect Your Site and IP from Being Banned by Search Engines Yes Yes Yes
Add New Search Engines on Request - Yes Yes
Emulation of Human Browsing of Search Engine Results Pages to Fully Protect Your Site and IP from Being Banned by Search Engines Yes Yes Yes
Flexible, Database-Driven Reporting with Advanced Filtering Options for Better Analysis Yes Yes Yes
8. Improve Your Rankings by Analyzing Backward Links
Analyze Link Popularity (Number of Links to Your Website) Yes Yes Yes
Analyze Your Backward Links vs. Competition Yes Yes Yes
Get Detailed Reports on Who Exactly Links to Your Pages - Yes Yes
The Link Popularity reports include Google Page Rank and Alexa Traffic Rank of the linking pages or sites - Yes Yes
Analyze Text Used in Backward Links (See What Words Other Websites Use to Describe You and What Keywords Search Engines Take Into Consideration) - - Yes
Linking Sites Overview (a simple way to see who links to your competition but not to you. These sites can be the first to become your link partners) Yes Yes Yes
Flexible, Database-Driven Reporting with Advanced Filtering Options for Better Analysis Yes Yes Yes
Search Engine Results Page Snippet Yes Yes Yes
9. HitLens Web Analytics and ROI Improvement Service
Easy Wizard-Driven Setup Yes Yes Yes
Analyze Traffic (Unique Visitors, Visits, Page Views, etc.) Yes Yes Yes
Analyze Demographics (Languages, Countries, Time Zones) Yes Yes Yes
Analyze Visitor Behavior (Content Preferences, Navigation Paths, Repeat Visits etc) Yes Yes Yes
Analyze Sources of Traffic (Referrers, Websites, Search Engines and Keywords) Yes Yes Yes
Analyze eCommerce (Sales, Revenues, Sales Cycle, etc.) Yes Yes Yes
Analyze Advertising (Response, Actions, ROI, etc.) Yes Yes Yes

Improve Quality and Usability of Your Projects Using Web CEO

10. Upload Your Optimized Pages
One Click Upload Yes Yes Yes
Web Page Editing Directly on the Server Yes Yes Yes
Advanced File Selection Yes Yes Yes
Network Error Notification Yes Yes Yes
11. Find Technical Problems and Search Engine Visibility Issues
Max. Pages Scanned for Errors and Problems 30 Unlimited Unlimited
Detecting Bad Links (Internal and External) Yes Yes Yes
Finding Missing Images Yes Yes Yes
Pinpointing Slow Pages with a Detailed Breakdown Yes Yes Yes
Shareable, Actionable Reports on Site Quality, Usability and Issues Detected Yes Yes Yes
12. Monitor If Your Websites are Up and Running
Free Website Availability and Performance Monitoring (every 480 min.) Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Website Monitoring (every 5 to 30 min.) - / Yes Yes Yes
Monitoring Connect Time and Host Ping Yes Yes Yes
Transatlantic Website Monitoring (the USA and the UK) Yes Yes Yes
Download Speed Tests Yes Yes Yes
Instant Problem Notifications via Email Yes Yes Yes also known as SEO Power Suite had a much different interface and considerably more to offer. It also came with a free SEO software download. The download is broken down into four different modules....
  1. Rank Tracker
    This SEO software module will literally check the rankings of your webpages, its position in the search engines, which URL gets found, how many times its keyword is searched, and more. You can use its "suggest keywords" button and find other profitable keywords including those being used by your competition.

  2. WebSite Auditor
    SEO software optimization is about on page criteria. WebSite Auditor analyzes every aspect of your content from keyword placement to keyword density. Then it reports back to you exactly what needs to be tweaked and why. Navigating this module is easy and the reports are complete including advice for better on page optimization. This is the heart and soul of Link Assistant a must download for anyone needing a critique.
  3. SEO Spy Glass
    You want to see what the competition is up to? You need to see what the competition is doing? Without this SEO software doing competitive research could take weeks. Imagine being able to see who the competition is linking to and who is linking to the competition. I was amazed by the power of this tool and found a few juicy and high ranking links that have already become a valuable exchange.

  4. Link Assistant
    Building links is what gets you high rankings with the search engines. But not just any links; quality links, the right quantity of links, and the right links to use as anchor links. Did you ever think that you could find quality links and get contact information without searching for it? Send e-mails in bulk to potential link partners? Monitor your link popularity? Make sure all your link partners are linking back? Well you can with Link Assistants SEO software. Check this tool out for yourself.

Here's a comparison table for both of these SEO software downloads.

Web CEO Link Assistant


Keyword Research
Free Version yes yes
Number of Keywords Suggested Free Edition (5)
StartUp Edition(10)
SmallBiz Edition(50)
Pro Edition(1000)
Unlimited in all editions
Daily Searches yes yes
Competing Sites yes yes
KEI yes yes
Highlighting High KEI Words yes yes
Different Keyword Suggestion Mechanisms no yes
Google Keyword Suggest no yes
Yahoo! Search Assist no yes
Mixing Keywords no yes
Mis-Spellings no yes
Keyword Combinations no yes
Length Of keyphrase no yes
Current Ranking For Each Keyword no yes
Customizable Workspaces no yes
Advanced Workspace Filters no yes
Runs On Windows yes yes
Runs On Mac OS X no yes
Runs On Linux no yes
Wizards yes yes
Google API Key yes yes
Yahoo! API Key no yes
Bing API Key no yes
Scheduling Keyword Research And Reporting yes yes

Writing Optimized Content (onpage optimization)

Creating Optimization Strategy Based On Competition Research yes yes
Unlimited number Of Sites To Check yes yes
"Stop" words yes yes
Number Of Keywords To Enter And Analyze 3 max. unlimited
Picking Search Engines To Use For Optimization no yes
Optimization Rate Of The Page no yes
Optimization Rate Of Each Page Element no yes
Optimization Score Of The Webpage no yes
Onpage Factors yes yes
off Page Factors yes yes
Display Keywords, As Viewed By Search Engines yes yes
Recommendations For Optimized Content yes yes
Keyword Density Analysis yes yes
Unlimited Keywords For Density Analysis yes yes
Display The Number Of Page Elements Containing A Keyword no yes
Display Words Other Than Specified Keywords no yes
Analyze Words Other Than Specified Keywords no yes
Comparison With The Competition yes (paid version only) yes
SEO Tips In The Reports yes yes
SEO Tips In Software no yes
Wizard yes yes
Google API Key yes yes
Yahoo! API Key no yes
Bing API Key no yes
Data Migration To Spreadsheets no yes
Generate Onpage Reports yes yes

Link Building

Finding Quality Link Partners In The Search Engines yes yes
Search For Potential Partners Among Sites Linking To Your Competitors yes yes
Finding Sites That Link To You no yes
Scan Links From A Specific Webpage no yes
Check Potential Link Partners' no yes
Check Link Partners' Popularity no yes
Check Your Website's Popularity no yes
Generate Link Pages no yes
Check If Link Partners Link Back To You yes yes
Google API Key yes yes
Yahoo! API Key no yes
Bing API Key no yes

Competition Research For Link Building

The Domain Of The Linking Site yes yes
The URL From The Backlink no yes
TLD Research no yes
Google PageRank Of A Domain no yes
Google PageRank Of A Page no yes
Check Outbound Links no yes
number Of Links On A Webpage no yes
Link Value no yes
Page's Title yes yes
Check Backlink no yes
Link's Anchor Text no yes
Link's Anchor URL no yes
IP Address Of The Linking Site no yes
Retrieving Contact Info yes yes
Yahoo! And DMOZ Listings yes yes
Domain Age no yes
Google API Key yes yes
Yahoo! API Key no yes
Bing API Key no yes

Checking Performance

Check Your Sites Rank For Each Keyword yes yes
Rich Search Engine Choice yes yes
Research As Many Keywords As You Like yes yes
Number Of Search Engines Used At A Time unlimited unlimited
Number Of Search Engine Result Pages To Check unlimited unlimited
Customizable Filters no yes
Competition For Keywords yes yes
KEI For Keywords no yes
Google API Key yes yes
Yahoo! API Key no yes
Bing API Key no yes
Human Emulation yes yes
Competitors'Rankings yes yes
Wizards no yes
Preferred SEs yes yes
Reports View yes yes
Progress Graphs yes yes
Generating Ranking Reports yes yes

I found both of these SEO software packages to be useful and accurate. But don't forget- I'm spoiled by Site Build It which does all of this for me. I get e-mails if broken links are found, a list of potential link partners that have already been checked out for me, a link popularity module including in pointing links, and so much more.

Follow the link to learn more about the SEO software from webceo or Link Assistant

If I wasn't so spoiled I would surely have SEO software on my hard drive. It is an investment. But no online business should go without some form of SEO software. Don't forget your human visitors, write keyword focused content to your target market and snag this freebee. Make Your Links Work by Dr. Ken Evoy. While your there register your site with SBI'S Value Exchange and let them do all the hard work for you. It won't cost a dime.

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