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Trust Builds Business - Tips To Help You Build Trust Online

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A key element in your sites success is the trust your business builds with your visitors. Repeat visitors, viral growth, and conversions are all directly related to whether your visitors perceive you and your site as authoritative.

Trust by definition is: A reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, and surety of a person or thing; confidence.

Is there a way to measure the trust your business builds? Can you track it? Does it have a link score? Credibility and trust are intangibles, yet vital for building relationships online. You can't buy it; you have to earn it before your visitors will....

  • make a purchase from your site

  • follow your recommendations

  • subscribe to your e-zine or newsletter

  • become regular visitors because of the trust your business builds

  • and tell others about your high value content website

So, trust is invisible, you can't track it, you can't hold it, but you can build it.

  1. How to build trust through high value content

    Take a good look at your website right now. Be objective and ask yourself what your first impression is. Imagine this being the first time you set eyes on your site. Keep in mind its the first 10 seconds that the average visitor decides to read deeper or hit the back button. Are you pleasing your visitors and building credibility?

    The trust your business builds will convert your readers into repeat visitors by paying heed to these three key elements.

    • Look and Feel

      I once owned a used car sales business and the last thing that I did before displaying the cars for sale was to send it out to the reconditioning shop. When I handed the keys to a potential customer their first impression was opening the car door. A nice clean shiny car inside and out built credibility and trust as opposed to a filthy mess. Your sites look and feel is similar. The very first impression your visitors get is the layout and appearance of your site. Is your look and feel targeted to your sites theme? An attractive look and feel that your visitors are expecting builds confidence. For instance: A health site will be different from a photography site the way it uses colors, photos, and general layout.

    • Your Unique Voice

      The first lines of text on your site is the beginning of the trust your business builds. Write your content as if you were having a conversation with a friend over a cup of coffee. Your visitors will relate to you on a more personal level. Your first sentences are the moment of truth at building trust or creating doubt. Take a look at this website for a great example.

      Write content that is

      • accurate

      • objective

      • authentic

      • current

      • authoritative

      • organized

    • Information of Value

      Write to your visitors needs. Do research on what your visitors want. Overdeliver your high value content that they will find useful and exceed their expectations. They will notice and trust you for it.

    • Edit Your Text

      If you use a word processor such as open office double check your text for spelling errors. Ask a friend or co-worker to read your article to get a second opinion. Use proper grammar, nothing kills your credibility worse than a poorly written article.

    • About Us Page

      A poorly constructed about us page can hurt your credibility. So be cautious when creating one. Keep your visitors needs and wants in mind when writing an about us page because they really don't care about you. They want to know about your product or service. Writing about awards and degrees should be avoided but tell them something about your business that is of value to them. The trust your business builds with a well constructed about us page is invaluable.

    • Contact Us Page

      Your visitors need to have a way to get in touch with you. So provide them with a contact us form which encourages them with suggestions or questions. Be sure to let them know that their e-mail address is safe and will only be used for what you specify.

    • Testimonials

      Testimonials are a great trust building tool. When you receive comments or e-mails about how your site solved a problem or addressed a need ask for permission to post their words on your site. Not only will you build trust for future visitors but you will gain a lifetime customer who will tell others about your site.

  2. Trust Your Business Builds Through Your Actions

    Your online behavior will make or break the way you are perceived by your visitors. Avoid pulling a Rodney Dangerfield by doing the following:

    • Be Passionate

      The reason you have an online business is out of your passion and knowledge. Let it flow naturally, your excitement and sincerity will jump off the page. Your visitors won't miss feeling your passion.

    • Be Diplomatic

      Avoid “bad mouthing” the competition, other websites, or products. Write great reviews comparing your product or service with the competition. Focus on the benefits more than the features. Of course your review will show that your product has more benefits than the competition, but you are doing it in a diplomatic way.

  3. Other Trust Building Sources

    • Link Exchanges or One Way Links

      Establishing a valuable link exchange with other related websites builds trust. When you write content that sends your visitor off your site to make a point or provide more value it builds credibility. The same holds true for other sites linking to you. When their visitors are sent to you its because you provide value and trust. Your new visitors know this.

    • Article Marketing

      Have you ever visited a website and read an article that contained a resource box after the article? Did you ever think about that? That webmaster is building trust with her/his visitors because you provide value and are trustworthy. Article marketing is a viral method of building trust and should not be overlooked.

You will; by following these trust your business builds tips become an expert in your niche. Your visitors will bookmark your site, tell friends about your business, socialize it, and lets not forget they'll want to do business with you.

You can't buy the intangible, ”trust”, you have to earn it.

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