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What Happened To That Irresistible Offer

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Have you ever seen what looks like the perfect ad;, great headline, nice pictures, benefits that address a need, and right where the irresistible offer should be is an e-mail address, phone number, or website address. Its enough to make you want to pull your hair out!


Newspaper ads and other offline marketing areas aren't the only places where the copy is lacking the all important call to action. Internet marketers, particularly inexperienced and un-coached internet marketers, are equally guilty of not giving their readers an irresistible reason to act now. Whats holding them back? Are they afraid of giving orders? Afraid of rejection?


Think about it! You're an internet marketer and you've read all the best e-books on writing great ad copy. You know how to use keywords and know what words are the best words to use. Your livelihood depends on you telling your readers what to do. Take charge, hold their hand, and lead them to your irresistible offer when marketing your content.


Secrets To Making Your Irresistible Offer:


  • Check your competition and see what is and what is not working for them. Does their ad seem irresistible? Rather than using the overused text link “ click here for more information” try something more irresistible such as: “There's no time like the present so why wait? Get your free e-book The 7 great lies of network marketing. Click here now!”


  • Create excitement in your offer. You need to get beyond any fears you have bottled up inside you when writing ad copy. Think outside of the box and take a few chances. Keep focused on the benefits rather than the features and tell your readers what will happen when they do go to your offer and what they will be missing if they don't.


  • We live in a fast paced society, people are in a hurry, and they tend to put off decision making. You need to take advantage of this by creating an urgency. By setting a time limit you instill a thought process that makes them realize they may be losing out on an opportunity and it helps them understand more clearly what they really want. Don't misinterpret this as deception. It is not.


  • This last tactic is very effective and ties in some of the secrets listed above. I don't think network marketers use this enough. Its the count down to cut off. This adds excitement to your opportunity, creates a sense of urgency, and helps in the decision making process. The real call to action is near the end of the campaign. If you do e-mail marketing this is a great opportunity to promote your irresistible offer. Set up sequential e-mails letting your list know: 5 days left, 2 days left. 3 hours left, expires at midnight etc. Using this tactic you need to focus your e-mail content on why your offer is going to solve a problem.



The next time you create that perfect ad when marketing your content don't be shy about telling your readers what to do in order to promote your irresistible offer.

Success has a simple formula: do your best, and people may like it. Sam Ewing

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