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Women In Network Marketing

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It comes as no surprise that women in network marketing comprise of over 80% of all network marketers. These numbers may come as a surprise to some people but in fact it all makes sense. The network marketing industry is tailored to women. That is not to say that the network marketing business is a gender focused business. Its just that most women possess the right skills necessary for working from home.

There are several very good explanations for these numbers and the primary reason is the industry's flexibility. Most women in network marketing are work from home moms who by nature are multi-taskers. Ask yourself this question: Is running a household any different from running a business? Actually running a household is a business.


  • get the kids ready for school
  • get the kids breakfast
  • make doctors appointments
  • do the laundry
  • shopping
  • clean the house

  • Follow-up

  • did you clean your room
  • did you do your homework
  • did you brush your teeth
  • did you fix that water leak

  • Time Management

  • setting appointments around family schedule
  • keeping a to-do list
  • preparing meals in advance

Women mange to accomplish these responsibilities and others on a daily basis. And many women still want to contribute more to the family. The idea of working from home at your own pace and on your own schedule is appealing. Its no wonder there are so many women in network marketing. Women have a tendency to be....

  • good communicators
  • passionate
  • intuitive
  • patient
  • creative

These qualities make them perfect network marketers. Its a known fact that women make most of the purchasing decisions in the family and women are frugal. When buying a new product women enjoy researching it to get the facts and read testimonials. Personal recommendations sell products and the network marketing industry is built around personal recommendations.

What opportunities are most appealing to women in network marketing?

Knowing that women have so much purchasing power in the family it would only make sense to consider womens products. I have a friend that I go shopping with occasionally and she can not go into a store without looking at candles. I keep telling her that we should build a website about candles because of her passion. Women love candles. The same is true for cosmetics and health products. So the best opportunity is one that you are passionate about..

Successful women in network marketing using Site Build It!

SBI is a webhosting-marketing-and site building software package that delivers on its promise. Already involved with a network marketing company? Want to create your own work from home business out of your passion? Then this is what you need. The following women in network marketing created their own successes by following the guide and recommendations from Site Build It!

Michelle Schill "I no longer work from home in the evenings and my income is constantly growing. Right now, it's double what I was making when I was standing behind a chair... I do what needs to be done the most at any given time and the nature of website building is such that I can stop or take a break at any point and carry on when time allows. I can work in my pyjamas and fuzzy slippers and switch from work mode to mommy/caretaker to silly dance partner whenever the mood strikes."

Marney Makridakis "In one year's time, I went from fiddling around with a hobby to manifesting a full-time business doing what I love: celebrating the creative uniqueness in an ever-growing community of thousands of people all over the world, inspiring them to uncover their artistic spirits and dare to let their creative souls shine."

Luisa Cupeles "Having the opportunity to share Vieques and Puerto Rico with so many people around the world is a great satisfaction. As a bonus, I get to go on a tax-deductible vacation every year. I can visit my beautiful island, ride my jeep, take lots of photos, meet great new people, and write travel guides about places I love. I felt that money would just be the icing on the top. Of course, I did not realize how much icing my cake would have."

Sara Ding "And what's amazing above it all is that it doesn't seem like I'm selling. People who contacted me have already been sold on my website. They have already seen and felt my passion and know that they want what I have to offer. When they call me, their mind was already made up to make that purchase."

Successful women in network marketing using attraction marketing

Attraction marketing is the newest model of network marketing replacing the old school methods by using the internet to attract targeted prospects to your business. The famous Renegade Professional tutorial training site has catapulted struggling women in network marketing to greatness.

Alicia Bausley
Alicia Bausley is a successful home-based-business entrepreneur, network marketer, and one of the Gr8 Team Leader authors of How to Build Your MLM Business: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Inter-Network Marketing. She is a member of Ann Sieg’s Renegade Marketing Team, diligently following Ann’s lead of attracting prospects, creating multiple sources of income and using the consultative approach when interacting with prospects. Her motto is “Believe in Yourself” and get into consistent action and do it!

Patrice Walker
Patrice Walker is a successful business owner who understands and teaches how to implement internet network marketing principles into traditional professional businesses for online growth. Inspired by her passion for Italy and the natural architectural and interior design elements in it's building design style, she has become a successful owner of a Tuscany home design business in which she built using Ann Sieg's, The Renegade Network Marketer as her business plan. Having built a successful business of her own, from the ground up, Patrice uses her 14 years in Dentistry to work with innovative, high energy Dental professionals, entrepreneurial executives and business owners transitioning online to take their businesses to a higher level- Providing direction for reaching their highest profitable mark.

Barbara Silva
Barbara Silva, as seen in MIM Mentors in Motion Magazine, brings over thirty years teaching experience to her coaching and internet marketing training business. She specializes in teaching attraction marketing, customer/team relationship building and quality article marketing to business owners through her own programs and Renegade Professional. Barbara , who happens to be one of my social networking friends, is a master coach. She has been working diligently at developing a webinar series that is second to none. And she has succeeded.
Her first Webinar, The Coaching Mindset - WHY Developing Coaching Skills Will Save Time, Money, Effort and Nerves! Received an outpour of exceptional feedback, and is now available for free to the general public .  She also presents live classes in Dallas for Dallas Coaches with Clients with Christian Mickelsen. Barbara is the author of . ”Romancing The Sale” How to Build and Maintain Highly Profitable Customer Relations That Last.

Terri Stallcop
Terri Stallcop RN, MSN, CNAA is a nurse and business owner. She started her

career in critical care nursing, then after a few years she received a master’s degree in nursing administration. She spent the next several years in healthcare systems as director of nursing and now, though “retired,” she is still building teams to promote health and wellness worldwide. As an avid Internet network marketer, she is building a global business, providing Internet marketing training for her team.

These are just a few examples of women in network marketing who have had tremendous success plus they are eager to help others achieve their goals. Stay at home moms have the business mind to be successful too. Research your passion, find your niche, and get started learning attraction marketing today with the free Renegade University. Show your family who the boss really is.

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