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Working Class To Entrepreneur

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Are you planning on making the move from working class to entrepreneur? By reading this article you will get sound advice on when to make the move if at all and how to make the move. Near the end of this article you will discover why you should not follow my foot steps unless you have a nest egg that you are willing to tap into.

Going from working class to entrepreneur is a scary endeavor; there are so many unforeseen obstacles that you will need to conquer and you'll need to do this solo. So, your frame of mind, passion for your business, and motivation are key.

Lets; just for a minute make a list of what you will be giving up:
  • Company Benefits: Health and life insurance.
  • Consistent Paycheck: You will soon discover that as a full entrepreneur you will be working many more hours.
  • The Water Cooler Chat Your working from home now; no more chit chat about Monday nights football game.
  • Job Security:
  • Promotions
  • Paid Vacations
  • And More

The transition from working class to entrepreneur should never be attempted until your work from home business is generating at least the equivalent to one months income from your day job. More is better. Your work from home business should be generating free targeted online traffic to your business. You must be passionate about your business.

One of the greatest feelings from working class to entrepreneur to self employed is looking forward to work. When it doesn't feel like a job anymore then its fun, exciting, rewarding, and successful. That same feeling can be had from your working class job regardless of any work from home business.

On various pages throughout this website its mentioned that whatever product or service you plan on making as your full time online income must come from being passionate. You must use the product or service personally in order to be truly objective. Your knowledge and personal experience is what makes your business grow. Which leads me to my story and one of my passions.

Earlier in this article you were given sound advice on how to make the move from working class to entrepreneur. I went about it differently from my recommendation. When I first got started online I was making the transition from offline business to the new world online. And I had no clue. To my advantage I found someone to follow and mentor me plus I had a nice little nest egg from liquidating my offline business. In essence: I could survive with little to no income in excess of a year.

So; rather than wait till my online business generated a nifty income and then become an entrepreneur. I jumped right into being an entrepreneur. My online business is now taking care of itself and is profitable. I've always been passionate about my satellite TV and figured “what the heck” this is a perfect match. So I went to working class and now I'm a certified Satellite TV Technician.

I must admit, after being self employed for 15+ years, I was a bit skeptical. How would I handle being an employee again? How would I handle being told what to do? How would handle working a set schedule? How has the working class world changed? These were all questions that concerned me.

The company that I work for is a huge subcontractor for the biggest and best satellite TV provider. Very professional, safety conscious, thorough training, supportive, and willing to listen. The bosses door is always open and he listens.

Is it just me or am I at an unfair advantage?
  • I have my online thing working for me 24/7.
  • I am passionate about the product and service.
  • I have Health and Life Insurance
  • I have a reasonably set schedule
  • I have a consistent paycheck
  • I have paid vacations
  • There's room for advancement

Whatever plan you have mapped out going from working class to entrepreneur or the other way around has financial advantages for you. Perhaps you have a family and need the health benefits. Doing both will provide you with a little or a lot of extra income as long as you have passion.

To learn more about Satellite TV from a technicians point of view please contact me or you can always get answers by calling 1-877-235-1656 use promo code 33959.

Success has a simple formula: do your best, and people may like it. Sam Ewing

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