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Your Marketing Funnel

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You have an online business to make money. So get into the mindset that your marketing funnel and everything you do is going to lead your prospects, visitors, and leads to the money. That's not to say you go out and create sales page after sales page. What it means is you need to map out a funnel that keeps your contacts keenly interested in what you have to say.

You need to understand, and this is vital, your marketing funnel is your business. The top of your funnel are the leads that you have captured from articles, blog posts, PPC advertising, etc. The most common technique for generating leads is by offering something of value for free.

Once you have captured your lead it's your job to deliver on your promise. If your new to internet marketing you may have captured your lead through an affiliate program or a funded proposal.

Don't rely on this strategy as your only business model. You will end up working harder and making less money than you would by having your own product. In addition you would, in essence, be telling your prospects that you are not a leader and there is someone else who is better than you.

There is a place in your marketing funnel for affiliate programs but not at the top level. Having your own product at the top of your funnel shows your prospects that you are the “go to” person. This is where a lot of people get stuck. Your own product can be an e-book, a special report, a video showing people how to do something, free consultation, the possibilities are endless.

A key point to remember; whatever your business model is all of your marketing and recommendations need to be relevant. In other words if you have a photography business you aren't going to recommend a child weight loss camp.

You need to structure and plan your funnel so you know exactly where you want your leads to go. A good practice is to upsell them by offering a low cost and a medium cost offer at the end of your special report, e-book, etc. You'd do this on your Thank You page after they are in an open and ready to purchase mindset.

Lets say your product is a special report about Healthy Cooking and you've pre-sold your lead into purchasing a low cost book “10 Killer Recipes Your family Will Love”. When you send them to your Thank You page you make a one time only special offer to purchase A Stay Fresh Shrink Wrap Freezer Bag System and a special bonus“How To Prepare A Thanksgiving Feast Without Being A Slave To The Kitchen”.

You need to structure and plan your funnel in this way for all your leads. This is how you can earn a little up front money to help fund your marketing efforts.

Your lead is now a customer who you continue to provide more free value through e-mail marketing until the time is right to make other recommendations.

All of this is working for you on autopilot through your autoresponder. Once you have your structure mapped out and working you can move on to other marketing techniques. Possibly even come up with another product that you create that is relevant.

The more value you give to your leads the more they trust you. Once you've earned their trust you have a customer for life. Your e-mail open rates skyrocket, click throughs improve and when you make recommendations they listen carefully.

Most Common Reasons People Work Harder And Make Less
  • They aren't selling their own product at the top of their funnel.
  • They capture leads with a self branded system (someone else's product)
  • They capture leads with an affiliate system (not at the top of the funnel)
  • They haven't planned a clear structure within their funnel
  • They promote other peoples products before building a relationship with you.
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