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I was born and raised in New England finally settling down in Maine. As a child I was very active and lived a rather protected life. My parents worked at private schools so I had access to all the amenities of a private school. My older brothers, younger sister and I were quite active. Since we got plenty of exercise our eating habits were never of much concern.

My High School years were spent at a private boarding school in Massachusetts. It was there that I first saw all shapes and sizes of my classmates. Since weight was never an issue to me as a child I couldn't understand how it was possible for some of them to be so overweight. As I became friends with some of them I learned a lot about different lifestyles and cultures.

I have vivid memories of our lacrosse teams “spring training” in Cape Cod. The workouts were intense and the coaches relentless. Our mornings began with running the sandy and cold beaches. During this training I became friends with a very overweight schoolmate.

I always was drawn to a weak link and he definitely was struggling. I admired him for trying out for the team and giving it his best but it practically killed him. He was always fighting to catch his breath, was the last man in from the runs, couldn't do some of the drills because of his weight and during our free time was ridiculed and ignored.

I think I was the only friend that he had. I remember asking him why he didn't socialize with the guys. His answer was, in essence, why bother – I'm different and don't fit in. I'm not a jock, I'm not a brainiac, I'm not into theater, I have no group to socialize with.

He was a loner because of his weight problem. It was then that I knew I had a passion for obesity, nutrition, and health.

After graduation I decided to take a year off to get a taste of the working world. I started working in Stowe, Vermont at a 5 star hotel first as a bus boy and eventually as a waiter. This was a good experience for me plus I liked the money.

I knew this was only temporary but I did like the restaurant business. So I ended up taking a job as a cook in South Portland, Maine. I didn't realize it at the time but this was more than a job it was an education. I eventually became sous chef and the head chef that I worked under was a teacher.

I remember him telling me that the best chefs are readers and never underestimate nutrition. Our menu was diverse and had a section devoted to healthy choices. Following the head chefs directions I hit the books, newspaper, articles, anything I could get my hands on and this is when my journey into nutrition began.

Somehow between working full time and raising a family I found time to take classes at the local Community College. One cold winter day the discussion of obesity was raised by the professor. Well, what started out as a discussion ended up being a week long debate. What causes obesity? What are the health risks of obesity?, Obesity treatment, Obesity prevention. I found my calling in this class.

My main focus shifted from nutrition to obesity and finally to child obesity. Why child obesity? Because I felt in my heart that if we could cure child obesity then adult obesity would be less of an issue. Obese children have a high percentage of becoming obese adults so it all made sense.

Along Came The Internet

Thanks to the introduction of the internet and its wealth of unlimited information I was able to pursue my dream of owning my own website. Knowing nothing about building a website I was a bit skeptical. I followed my heart and built a niche website using a software package that I was “sold” on.

Following the guides and suggestions was more than an education. I was actually building a legitimate online business. Much to my surprise I was attracting a group of people that I never would have imagined.

A highly respected pediatrician from New York who was about to be interviewed on Today Show contacted me asking how we can help each other. A CNN reporter from Atlanta asked for an interview for an article he was writing. I remember reading in the guides that by producing valuable information you will become an authority in your niche.

A Funny Thing Happened

As I became more passionate about my niche and writing more content my customers and visitors wanted to know how I did this whole website thing. So I introduced them to the software and helped them when they hit roadblocks.

There were days when this became overwhelming which eventually led me to starting a blog about attraction marketing. Now I use the blog as a training/information resource for my site building customers and, as it turns out, for anyone who needs help with attraction marketing.

My office is now world wide, my doors are never closed, and no appointment is necessary.

My site, information, and service are available to everyone and anyone.